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GamePress is a game creation app that allows anyone to make the games of their imaginations with no programming or graphic design. Whether you have a ...

Discontinued App


GamePress is a game creation app that allows anyone to make the games of their imaginations with no programming or graphic design. Whether you have a story to tell, a topic to teach, or just want to play a game, GamePress allows you to create, share, and play right on your iPad. GamePress is fun, creative, and entertaining. GamePress is great for beginners. If you’re new to making games, our interactive guide will help you make your first game in minutes! GamePress includes all the necessary tools to create the games of your imagination. Don’t just make games, play them too! With the GamePress Arcade you can share your games to the world, and even play other users’ games. Perfect for Parents, Teachers, Artists & Gamers. Parents, you can make games catered to your kids. You no longer have to worry about the types of games your kids play. With GamePress you can even make unique learning games featuring pictures of your children right in the game! Teachers, you can make use of GamePress to teach students about game design, logic and even computer science and engineering! The no programming interface makes learning complex concepts fun and easy. Games have become more than just a way to pass time, they’re perfect for education and learning new things. Artists, you can easily import your own graphics and animations. You don’t need any technical experience to bring your art to life with GamePress. Gamers, stop dreaming of making your own games and use GamePress to make the games of your imagination! We’ve made making games simple with our no programming interface, all you need to do is focus on awesome gameplay. Don’t feel like making games? Then head over to the GamePress Arcade and play games made by other GamePress users. The GamePress Arcade is live and instantly updated with new games made by our community so there is always something new to play! Features: - Drag & drop game creation - Over 500 graphics included to get you started - Included music to add atmosphere to your games - Included sound effects to add excitement to your games - Included particle effects to make your games look cool - Ability to import your own pictures, graphics, animations, sound effects, and music - Make your own sound effects with the built in sound effects creator - Make your own special effects with the included particle creator - Fully featured physics engine for real world physics simulations - Offline usage, you don’t need to be connected to make or play a game - Interactive tutorial to help you make your first game in minutes - Share your games with friends and other GamePress users - GamePress Arcade to access games made by users around the world - Many video tutorials to keep you going


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0081

Size: 81.18 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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