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This 36-tutorial course takes you on a GarageBand songwriting journey. It's begins on the iPad. It develops on the Mac and reaches final production as ...

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This 36-tutorial course takes you on a GarageBand songwriting journey. It's begins on the iPad. It develops on the Mac and reaches final production as it moves up to Logic Pro X for the finishing touches. Come along for the ride!This course is designed for both GarageBand and Logic Pro users. That’s because, when writing a song, it’s important to get your inspirations recorded fast! GarageBand is the perfect creative workspace to create a song. Its intuitive design lets you easily get your song ideas down with just a few taps on the iPad or clicks on your MacBook. In fact, many big-time producers start their songwriting process right in GarageBand for iPad, move it up to GarageBand for Mac to add more ideas and complete the production in GarageBand’s big brother: Logic Pro X!This course explains every part of the musical journey as you see expert trainer Matt Vanacoro build a tune right before your eyes. He tracks his initial inspirations on the iPad. It’s here that you learn how GB for iPad works and how you can use its intuitive interface and Smart Instruments to turn your ideas into tracks.Next, you see how to bump-up your tune to GarageBand for Mac. This is where you can expand on your original ideas by rearranging sections, adding even more tracks and using tools like Drummer to build a solid foundation for your production.The final section in this course reveals the power of finishing your project in Apple’s Logic Pro. Logic Pro X is designed with GarageBand users in mind. Matt explains how to make the transition easy, comfortable and productive. He explains the power of Logic Pro’s amazing features and processing power to bring your tune to a completely different level!So join Matt on this GarageBand/Logic Pro journey and see the advantage of having both of these music production powerhouses at your fingertips! Table of contents:1. Introduction2. Click Track/Drum Loops3. Getting Your Guitar Sound4. Recording Your First Guitar ‘Riff’5. Creating a ‘Section’6. Some Bottom With Smart Bass7. Tweaking the MIDI8. Ditch the Click/Tap Some Drums9. Tweaking the Drums10. Using a USB Keyboard11. Using a USB Microphone12. Tweaking Your Temp Vocal Track13. iPad to Computer - It’s Easy!14. Rearranging Song Sections15. Hiring a Virtual Drummer16. Get That Drummer Playing!17. Cycle Record18. Pitch Correction & FX on Your Vocal19. Collaboration Part 1: Your Studio20. Collaboration Part 2: Their Studio21. Guitar Tracks With Virtual Amps22. Tracking Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars23. Flexing Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars24. FX on Acoustic & Rhythm Guitars25. Garageband to Logic - Quick & Painless26. Making a Smooth Transition27. Keep the Bass, Change the Sound28. Recording/Comping a Lead Vocal29. ‘Printing’ Your Favorite Vocal Comp30. More Control: EQ & Compression31. Virtual Instruments in Logic32. Bussing For Multiple Effects33. Space Designer Reverb Rocks34. Logic Pro’s Mixer35. Bouncing Your Mix36. Now What?


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