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Garmin G1000 GS

While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the ...

Discontinued App


While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the state of your choice for free, for life time. (no US pick a state you may train in) GARMIN G1000 TRAINING allows you to master GLASS COCKPIT FLYING with the convenience of your iPhone/iPad! This course uses easy to follow video presentations with expert instruction, real world examples, and interactive quizzes to see if you need any additional help. As you progress, you can tap the handy "review" and "explanation" buttons to get deeper into topics where you want more help. Have you been dreaming of flying a glass cockpit aircraft or simulator? Imagine what it would be like to truly understand the displays and what they are telling you. Perhaps you've thought “it looks very cool but way too complicated”. Commanding an aircraft with a glass cockpit is challenging, but it’s very worth while. This app will help you make sense of it all. Remember “You can’t command what you don’t understand”. So you could sit in the cockpit marveling at the displays wishing you understood more about them, or you could take this course so that right from the start, the information will jump right out for you as you use the moving map, set up flight plans and determine your altitude, airspeed, attitude and course at a glance. The course helps lock in your knowledge with a directly related quiz after each lesson. Instead of being the kind of quiz you dread, our quizzes are informative and HELPFUL -we provide links to an explanation of the answer, a button to pull up the correct page of the FAA reference or the user guide covering the answer, and a powerful "review" button that transports you back into the video to the moment where the topic was discussed. Now that’s learning! By the time you finish the full course you will: * Have a solid understanding of the layout and functionality of the G1000 * Be prepared for both VFR and IFR flight using the G1000 * Have the foundation to become a safe and confident G1000 pilot There are over 4 hours of guided videos in the full course covering 16 lessons complete with interactive quizzes TRY before you buy: This free app is a preview of our full G1000 Mastery Course, but it contains 4 FULLY FUNCTIONAL LESSONS including the complete Primary Flight Display and the Multi Function Display Overview lessons so that even with the free version, you will be prepared to get right into an airplane or sim and put it all together. We wanted to make this app as complete as possible in the FREE version so we’ve also included an IFR lesson on a non-precision instrument approach and even an autopilot lesson as bonus material. The full course available with a couple of taps as an in-app purchase, through your flight school, or from our website will allow you to master the full functionality of the G1000. The style of the course is taught as if you were looking over the shoulder of a G1000 expert instructor as he describes how to easily use each feature. TOPICS INCLUDED IN THE FULL G1000 COURSE: Overview of the PFD, Overview of the MFD, Using the PFD – Mastery, Using the MFD – Mastery, Flight Planning, Auxiliary Pages and Functions, ILS approaches, VOR Approaches, GPS Approaches, Non Precision Approaches, Garmin Autopilot, KAP 140 Autopilot, and more. All content is resident on your iPad/iPhone. You don't need an Internet connection to view the lessons, take the quizzes, or read the handbooks. This is one or many aviation education programs offered by AnywhereEducation and MS Aviation (MS Aviation is now "AnywhereEducation Aviation Group") * Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. * Many large flight schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. * Dozens of small to mid sized flight schools use our courseware.


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Day of release: 2010-04-11

Recommended age: 4+

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