Teachers With Apps: "GazziliMath is a unique interactive learning experience that lets children explore the countless ways that numbers and math play ...

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Teachers With Apps: "GazziliMath is a unique interactive learning experience that lets children explore the countless ways that numbers and math play an important role in their lives all while discovering delightful surprises along the way." "Now, parents can join their kids for hours of fun learning basic math skills along with entertaining arithmetic activities with the new GazziliMath app on iOS.” iPad Apps Review Online: “Parents, if you have been searching for an app to couple math and technology to help your pre-school aged little one prepare for their formal education, then you will love GazziliMath!” 2Wired 2Tired: “The GazziliMath app is designed to help preschoolers learn the FUNdamentals of math. At first appearance, the GazziliMath app is put together to grab your child’s attention with its bright colors and cool cartoon-like characters.” --GazziliMath is here!! The GazziliWorld approach to fusing learning and fun for Preschoolers takes on ‘Numerals’, ‘Counting’, and ‘Subtraction’, and more! --Complete each page to unlock the next…and watch the GazziliFunPage come to life! --GazziliMath is a great choice for children who are just starting to understand how numbers and math play a role in their lives. It helps to explain challenging concepts in an age appropriate, fun way. --Watch GazziliMath teach Preschoolers basic, foundation for life math concepts in a fun, kid-friendly way! --GazziliMath’s ‘dual-curriculum’ approach introduces children not only to important subject matter, but to technology they’ll be using as part of their education for years to come! A child activates the first activity on the Home Screen, and they are taken away on a fun, exciting, math-learning journey. Colors & Artwork. Music & Sounds. Friendly, hands-on activities. GazziliMath is a multi-sensory learning experience. Early childhood educational experts from New York City’s The Dalton School helped develop GazziliMath to ensure its educational value. Features: --6 engaging, exciting math-based activities that help build the foundation for understanding basic math concepts that touch our lives every day! --Successful completion of each concept/activity means seeing a portion of the ‘GazziliFunPage’ come to life! --Children interact with the App to build a deep understanding of math-related concepts! --‘Hearing Impaired Mode’ included, adding all written words to the screen as they are spoken by the narrator and characters! --Delightful interactive animations, music, sound-effects, and surprise features. --Improvement of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children gain proficiency with tablet hardware.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.4

Size: 118.1 MB


Price: 1,70 €

Developed by GazziliWorld LLC

Day of release: 2013-05-23

Recommended age: 4+

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