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iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA presents the originial classic GEMINAR Issue 3 from Terry Collins and Al Bigley to the iPhone and iPod Community Worldwide. 108 ...

Discontinued App


iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA presents the originial classic GEMINAR Issue 3 from Terry Collins and Al Bigley to the iPhone and iPod Community Worldwide. 108 Screens / English / black-and-white classic(!) comic book(panel by panel) ETHERMEDIA is proud to welcome Terry Collins and Al Bigley to the iPhones and iPods. Terry is an acclaimed writer of KUNGFU PANDA and SHREK. Al Bigley is an acclaimed artist of BATMAN, SHREK, BUGS BUNNY Monsters Inc., to name a few. Al also has been an artist for Marvel, Disney and more. Terry and Al are brewing other exciting things that will hit the masses soon. Email us at ethermedia@iRemedi.com so we can update you on more exciting things to come! Story outline: Geminar - Issue 3 Behind the curtain - Mystery unveiled!!! THIS IS IT! GEMINAR finally peels away at the mysteries behind his reluctant mission as a galaxy-born superhero, his purpose for being, and his position of being a hero stranded in the far reaches of space! The final answers will astound you, even as bold conspiracies are revealed, one by one! But, does this spell the end of GEMINAR, a new beginning, or the devastating end of all? Featuring the mind-bending menace of power-mad MEKANAKILL! THE BIG CONCLUSION AND CLIMAX! About Terry Collins and Al Bigley: Terry and Al are acclaimed professionals of the comic book industry. Besides working for leading comic book publishers such as Marvel, Disney and others, they are also into other exciting projects. Terry and Al have partnered with iRemedi in bringing their creations on ETHERMEDIA. About iRemedi: iRemedi's ETHERMEDIA is a proprietary mobile content delivery technology that provides revolutionary touch media viewing. iRemedi works with rich content publishers to bring their popular content to the iPhone community. Enjoy full color high-resolution art and story in an award winning and intuitive user interface. This is on ETHERMEDIA 2.0, stay tuned to see all Amar Chitra Katha Comics upgrade for 2.0 as well. App features: - Panel by Panel Screen view - Double tap to zoom - Tracking Screen numbers - Slider for fast Screen navigation in forward or reverse - Over 7 color backgrounds - Option to frame pages for a book feel - Option to curl pages while changing - Intuitive slideshow with interval settings for paced reading - App optionally remembers last page to automatically take you where you left(no need for bookmarks) - If original art in panel is small for portrait or landscape simply rotate iPhone to landscape or portrait. App automatically resizes to full screen to use up any extra space available(zoom if required by double tap). - Over 21 visual Graphic help screens on all features - Visit Facebook, Twitter, Blog and more right from App to stay tuned on new ETHERMEDIA offerings. Other iRemedi top ranking Apps in iTunes Book section: BUDDHA, DASHAVATAR, KRISHNA, TALES OF SHIVA, MAHABHARATA, GANESHA, SHIVA PARVATHI, BIRBAL, JESUS CHRIST, RAMA Recently released: FUNNY FOLKTALKES MAHATMA GANDHI PARTS 1 and 2 ELLORA CAVES HIUEN TSANG FA HIEN MEGASTHENES CRICKET 101 THE HISTORY CITY OF DELHI FOLK TALES OF RUSSIA, BRITISH ISLES and WORLD ANU CLUB SHIKARI SHAMBU SUPPANDI ALBERT EINSTEIN SONS OF RAMA RAMAYANA (!) Other: PICZEE PRO - A Cool and Fun Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Visit http://www.ethermedia.net Other products from Terry and Al: Stay tuned for more on ETHERMEDIA. Visit http://www.albigley.com and http://www.popculturedebris.com


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 14.88 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by iRemedi Corp.

Day of release: 2009-10-28

Recommended age: 9+

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