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Gems Carat

●What GG's are saying, "One Wickedly Cool App!". Their words not ours. ●First in any mobile device and "Only on the iPhone and iPod" ●"Gems Carat" ...

Discontinued App


●What GG's are saying, "One Wickedly Cool App!". Their words not ours. ●First in any mobile device and "Only on the iPhone and iPod" ●"Gems Carat" is a professional grade tool that is dependable and reliable for estimating weight of a Polished Diamonds & Gemstones, worthy of Jewelry Appraiser, Gemologist, Gem Trade Professional and any Gem Enthusiast. It is not a course in Gemology. ●It output weight to the thousand of a carat (0.000). Programmed by an actual Graduate Gemologist (GIA), it has an interface that is intuitive, straightforward, with a no-nonsense approach; "Get In, Do Your Business and Get Out", thus, manages your time more efficiently. ●Workflow is well thought out that conforms to how a gemologist and a jewelry professional think NOT how a programmer want us to think. ●We assume that user have basic knowledge of weight estimation & corrections. And have access to a mm gauge ●With the proliferation of "Counterfeit" Diamond Grading Reports, Gems Carat includes a direct link to EGL, GCAL & GIA for authenticity verification of Diamond Grading Reports, as well as "Live Market" for Platinum, Palladium, Gold & Silver. ●For Round, Oval & certain Fancy Cuts: User must simply enter "Average Diameter & Depth". Length and Width are not necessary. Alternately, entering L & W values automatically populate Average Diameter field. ●For Fancy Shape Gems: Enter L, W, and D as usual. ●Weight Correction: Defaults to 1.0 for no adjustment. Just add single digit numerical value after the default value, e.g., 1.03 for 3% (medium diamond girdle). ●Weight correction in Colored Gems is more complex. Bulges, Shoulders and Wings are major factors. Weight retention is the primary consideration in Colored Gems, not good proportion, hence, we assume that user is familiar with complex factors of weight correction. ●More Diamond Shapes, Gemstones and Features will be added in subsequent updates. ●Educational: Regular interaction let you become familiar with various Gem's Specific Gravity and Conversion Factor. ●Full Compatibility: iPhone & iPod 3G & 3GS Model with OS version 3.2 to version 3.x 3GS & iPhone 4 with OS version 4.0 to 4.x Tested on iOS 5.0 Update on version 3.0.5 is optimized & tested on iPhone and iPod running on iOS 5.0 & later (iOS 6.0) ●Thank you very much to all, who have supported and contributed to the success of this app.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.7

Size: 5.69 MB


Price: 5,99 €

Developed by Third Vision Arts LLC

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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