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The app has hit end of life with iOS8. In response to requests for more bacteria, GeneIndex for Bacteria contains gene info from NCBI for over 2000 strains ...

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The app has hit end of life with iOS8. In response to requests for more bacteria, GeneIndex for Bacteria contains gene info from NCBI for over 2000 strains of bacteria that each have at least 1000 genes recorded. GeneIndex quickly provides information about genes from various sources. It also includes a RSS reader for journal feeds as well as a PubMed viewer. Key Features: * Look up genes by symbol or description. * Link to gene info on websites. * Download files for offline use. (.pdf, .mp3, .m4v, .doc, .ppt, .xls ) * transfer files via open in, email, or iTunes file sharing * View RSS feeds for journals * Does not require a network connection for local databases. * View and search PubMed in table view. * Auto download PDF files linked to PubMed or RSS feeds. (Subscriptions may be required depending upon the journal) GeneIndex provides a convenient and portable way to lookup gene symbols while at a seminar, conference, or lab meeting. Genes are linked to common life science websites such as NCBI, KEGG, PubMed, and Wikipedia. Use GeneIndex to discover and read scientific literature. Links to 1000+ scientific and medical journal feeds and PubMed searches allow one to find relevant articles, read abstracts, and download PDFs. View article titles from current issues of leading journals such as Science, Nature, Cell, JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, and American Institute of Physics Journals. Many open access journals such as PLoS are listed. Batch download PDF files from RSS feeds or PubMed searches. If you ever wanted to read a complete issue of Nature, it requires downloading 20+ PDF files with cryptic filenames. The auto download feature will download, rename, and link all the files in the RSS feed for easy access. PDF files can be downloaded for offline reading, emailed, transferred to a PC, or opened in PDF readers such as iBooks or GoodReader. MP3 Podcasts can be downloaded and saved for offline listening. (Science, Cell, Nature, PNAS) Video podcasts can also be watched. (Cell) Bookmark your own RSS feeds and website links. PubMed searches can be converted into RSS feeds that can be saved for future lookup. Please do not use reviews for technical help. Contact or post your question at so that more information can be obtained to diagnose the issue. This version is Ad Free. An important note regarding autodownloading. This convenience feature automates much of the tedium of downloading, saving, and renaming PDF articles. However, certain non-open source publishers are sensitive to the volume and frequency of downloads and may automatically blacklist your IP if they log too many downloads. A sensible guideline would be not to download more than one intends to read. To avoid the impression of systematically downloading a publisher's entire site, the autodownload function has a limit of 100 articles at a time. Please be aware of the publisher's terms of use and download responsibly to preserve this functionality. Note: Institution based PDF downloading via Athensams or similar authentication is not supported. You can test downloading using the free app GeneIndex or JournalRSS.


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Version: 1.30

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Developed by Keith Ching

Day of release: 2013-02-25

Recommended age: 17+

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