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General Knowledge Quiz for Kids

Do you want to help your children become more interested in learning? Do you need something that your children can learn and play with it at a time? Now, ...

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Do you want to help your children become more interested in learning? Do you need something that your children can learn and play with it at a time? Now, don’t worry anymore because we have a solution for you. We will bring to you a suitable app for your children, “General Knowledge Quiz for Kids - Kids Trivia Questions” app. Sample questions: How many insects can a bat gobble in one night? What body part can butterflies use to taste their food? How long was the longest recorded flight of a chicken? Which of these animal is the biggest that has ever lived? When a giant squid eats, which organ does the food pass through on the way to the stomach? What of these dogs is the world's smallest breed? A baby kangaroo is about as long as a… Which of following is the clodest? A giraffe is the same height as how many koalas? Which of the following animals has never rained out of the sky (thet we know of)? Which of the following spins the fastest? How many prisoners successfully escaped from the famous prison on Alcatraz Island? How many bats live in the world's largest colony? NASA stands for the National … and Space Administration. Fill in the Blank When was NASA founded? NASA quarantined the astronauts who landed on the moon when they returned to Earth. Why? Which of these is not an Apollo command module name? How much do astronauts "grow" in space? Which astronaut was the first American to go on a spacewalk? What was the name of the Soviet Union's satellite that increased interested in space in the US? When was the first US Space Shuttle launched? Where was movable type invented? Which of these invention from China is used for both beautiful displays and battle? What was the name of the first hand-held camera? Which of these quick communication methods came first? What invention from 1969 lets you take this quiz "online"? When did the first hot air ballon take flight? Which of these inventors patented the first workable telephone? In what year was the waterproof raincoat invented? People had to sweat it out until air conditioning cooled buldings down in which year? Which is the tallest mountain on Earth? Which of these is not a continent? What do you call the place at which two streams flow together to form one larger stream? Which river flows through the rainforests of Brazil? What caused Oregon's Crater Lake to form? What do you call the piece of land surrounded by water on three sides? On which continent would you find the Andes mountains Which is the tallest waterfall in the world? Which animal can not swim? How many seasons are there in a year? And much, much more... With this app, your children can both take a quiz to train their brain and have fun with new interesting information. We provide a list of question about everything in the world that can help your kids open their knowledge. Click INSTALL to download this app for your children now! Share it and vote for us if you like it. Thanks a lot. Regards.


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