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General Surgery Instruments: Reference Guide

** Please check out our new General Surgery Instruments iPad textbook with full size images and two question quizzes after each chapter ** GSI iPad Textbook ...

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** Please check out our new General Surgery Instruments iPad textbook with full size images and two question quizzes after each chapter ** GSI iPad Textbook - http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/general-surgery-instruments/id520994359?mt=11 Prepare yourself to quickly recognize 130 General Surgical instruments by name and function. This app is a great reference if you are learning to be a physician’s assistant, first assistant, registered nurse, or surgical technologist. Many of these General Surgery instruments are also utilized in other surgical specialties such as gynecology, orthopedics, genitourinary, plastics, and peripheral vascular. Not only is this app great for medical students, but also for employees in a central sterile processing department, who will find this information useful when instruments need to be identified or ordered. To aid in quick identification, each instrument is ordered by type and name. Pictures show the instrument being hand-held to give the viewer an accurate perspective of the size and correct handling. Each picture also has a description of the instrument and introduces the learner to the intended use during the surgical procedure. Manufacturer names are given which allows for cross-referencing and further investigation. Nicknames or commonly used shortcuts are provided to assist practitioners or students, who work in multiple hospitals where the names are not identical. For example, a Rochester Oschner Hemostat, # 62, could be called a Kocher or Oschner depending on the geographical location. Different surgeons have their preferences and you can be prepared by recognizing your instruments. After viewing the application the viewer will be able to accurately: 1. Identify selected general surgery instruments 2. State manufacturer’s name and commonly used nicknames 3. Recognize handling techniques for selected instruments 4. State rationale for use of the instrument The beauty of this app is that it is accessible anytime and anywhere from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can prepare moments before entering into the fast-paced, competitive operating room environment. Make your first impression count! Be prepared! Please help us make the app better. Your 5 star reviews and positive ratings make it possible for us to continue to improve things for you. If you like our app, write a review and spread the word. Have any suggestions for improvement? Let us know by visiting our website: www.missinglinkcinema.com, or e-mail us at mlcinemaapps@gmail.com. Please view our commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYA5Zd1_g3w For updates on this app or other apps by Missing Link Cinema, LLC, visit our website at www.missinglinkcinema.com. Also follow us on Twitter, twitter.com/mlcinema. If you find any bugs or issues with the app, please e-mail us at mlcinemaapps@gmail.com


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