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************************************ Special Introductory Price - 50% Off! ************************************ Master your Spanish quickly with Gengo ...

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************************************ Special Introductory Price - 50% Off! ************************************ Master your Spanish quickly with Gengo Quiz Spanish! Gengo Quiz is a fun, easy way to test your knowledge of Spanish anywhere with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Perfect for Learners This version of Gengo Quiz - Spanish contains quizzes for speakers at a Lower Intermediate Level. Simple to Use Study the questions to see how much you know. Try it again later to see how much you remember. The program will keep track of your scores. You'll be surprised to see how much Spanish you will pick up just by answers these simple, multiple-choice questions. Test Your Language Skills Do you know what to say in a particular situation? How good is your vocabulary? How many special expressions do you know? With Quizzes, you can test yourself and learn important cultural words or phrases, master your vocabulary and check your understanding of grammar. It's all available in one easy-to-use application. Good For Speakers of Every Level There are tons of different quizzes for Spanish. You can choose the ones that are best for you. What is the correct expression in one situation? Which word best matches the picture? The variety is amazing, and soon your understanding of Spanish will be, too! Features: * thousands of questions! * tons of questions! * picture cards! * idioms and expressions! * questions for all levels of Spanish learners! You can study anywhere! At home, at the park, on the train, in the office, at the gym. Take total control of your Spanish learning with Gengo Quiz!


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