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GeniusMenu - is a FREE, Interactive Digital Menu App specifically designed for Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos and Cruise Lines. GeniusMenu includes unique ...

Discontinued App

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GeniusMenu - is a FREE, Interactive Digital Menu App specifically designed for Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos and Cruise Lines. GeniusMenu includes unique features such as beautiful menu's, rich visual content, Social Integration and easy to use menu management system. GeniusMenu provides easy to use menu management system for Restaurants that minimizes complexity and maximizes comfort and customer loyalty. This App helps restaurant owners to increase revenues, efficiency and table turns while enhancing dining experience. Features of GeniusMenu: - 6 menu templates which can be customized with Logo, layout, branding etc., - Categories including menu items, item name and description - Rich Visual Content, includes pictures, videos, Ingredient Info, Calories info - Integrated Social sharing features - Diners can view restaurant menu and directly send their order to kitchen - Web based Menu management system to edit, update menus and pricing details Benefits for Restaurant owners: POWERFUL SOCIAL MARKETING With GeniusMenu, customers are empowered to share your items very easily. INCREASE EFFICIENCY Instant ordering, quick bill view and quick bill payment speeds up service, improves accuracy and can turn your tables faster without sacrificing service. INCREASE REVENUES Powerful social media marketing capabilities and better service, GeniusMenu lets the business owners to increase their revenues by getting more customers. MULTIPLE PLATFORMS & MULTIPLE TEMPLATES Owners can update the menu at one place and same menu is accessible (instantly) through the device. RICH CONTENT Customers can get best culinary experience as never before. They can view New Products, Pictures, Videos and Ingredients. CUSTOMER LOYALTY Want to get more customers? Want to get more repeated customers? Want to increase your brand identity? Want to open more locations? GeniusMenu can help you achieve this goal. BRAND BUILDING This WORD OF MOUTH type publicity will bring more customers into your restaurant and it will help you increase the brand identity. HEALTH TIPS Food allergy is a growing public health concern. As many as 15 million people have food allergies. An estimated 9 million, or 4%, of adults have food allergies. Note for Restaurant Owners: Once you download Free GeniusMenu App, you will be able to view Menu templates, view demo menu categories and order menu items. If you wish to use your own custom GeniusMenu App with your own graphics, menu categories, items, sign up for an account using the contact us form within GeniusMenu.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.0

Size: 73.39 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Venkat Nallapati

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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