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Features: - Use notification to alert about incoming learn sessions - Two type of set: word and flashcards - When you are working with a word set we use ...

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Features: - Use notification to alert about incoming learn sessions - Two type of set: word and flashcards - When you are working with a word set we use online translator to help you with a translation - Synchronize content with the website - Track you learning progress, the app will suggest you next workout date - Two type of test: choose answer from one of four proposed, or like with flashcards read answer and decide whether you’re right or not - Automatically prepared lessons according to the previous results of tests - Set notification for learning time. - Disable / enable single quiz - Use auto-play mode to learn without manually selecting answers The "Genius Mobile Lite" is the best study aid. Use the "Genius Mobile Lite" to learn a language, study for exam, or just kill time in a traffic jam. Whenever you need to get something memorized, take a phone from your pocket and write it down. See the application demo at http://www.geniusmobile.eu/demo.php Create set of words or flashards on your iPhone or on the web version (www.geniusmobile.eu). Because of simplicity and mobility the "Genius Mobile Lite" is a great tool for you. If you don’t like to create the set on the iPhone, log on to website (www.geniusmobile.eu) and prepare material for a further study. All content is automatically (if you set it) synchronized with any number of devices paired with an account. Wherever you are study (on the iPhone, or website) result of your progress are synchronized so you have one complete view of your work. Implemented algorithm will suggest you next workout date for each set. Set items are organized by the retention algorithm which is tracking your progress and set date for a repetition according to previous results. You can also import flashcard content from one of the biggest source of public flashcards, flashcardexchange.com Limitations: * Unlocked by the in-app purchase - Limited number of sets (one for words, one for flashcards) - Maximum number of items per set is downgraded to 40 - Synchronization with www.geniusmobile.eu is locked - On-line translation for words Above limitation can be avoid by buying the GeniusMobile full version or by the in app purchase. Try this application if you like buy the features you need to.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.9

Size: 2.68 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Coach & Mentor

Day of release: 2011-10-21

Recommended age: 4+

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