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GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure

Geo is on a mission and he needs your help! Join the curious robot as he explores Earth`s habitats, earning awesome animal abilities along the ...

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Geo is on a mission and he needs your help! Join the curious robot as he explores Earth’s habitats, earning awesome animal abilities along the way. You’ll be able to leap like a poison frog, dig like an armadillo, climb like a baboonâ€â€even run like a cheetah! Every time you get a new ability, Geo gets a new look. As you explore, you’ll collect animal cards with pictures, cool facts, funny jokes, and really weird trivia. EXPLORE EACH LEVEL Guide Geo through each level of the habitatsâ€â€the African Savannah and Amazon Rain Forest to startâ€â€and encounter ability tokens, animal cards, bonus fruit, and the key to the next level! GET ANIMAL ABILITIES See a spinning animal token? Grab it and you’ll unlock a new skill, like jumping, digging, charging, and climbing. MASTER THE GAME Grab hidden fruit in each level to get more stars! BUILD YOUR CARD COLLECTION When you and Geo discover a new animal, you get a new animal card! Each one has a picture, fast facts, goofy jokes, and weird trivia. Want to know what animal can carry 50 times its own weight? You’ll have to play to find out! GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure is inspired the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia, a book packed with animal stats, photos, fun facts, and lots more. **PLEASE NOTE: This app requires iOS 6+ for best experience (iPad second generation and above).**


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Version: 1.5

Size: 166.35 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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