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Geometrical Quickies & Trickies

“Fear not math, fear God.” K C Yan, Singapore math educator and author. Read more about K C Yan: [http://singaporemathplus.blogspot.com] What`s ...

Discontinued App


“Fear not math, fear God.” K C Yan, Singapore math educator and author. Read more about K C Yan: [http://singaporemathplus.blogspot.com] What’s Your App’s Unique Value? Solving trick and tricky math questions confidently Becoming a skilled mathematical problem solver Empowering yourself to be a certified mathlete Assessing and solving trick questions at a wallet-friendly price A cheat book for mathematics to gain an unfair advantage over your peers Geometrical Quickies & Trickies is made available for those outside Singapore at a wallet-friendly price for its value-for-money contents. Geometrical Quickies & Trickies is a wallet-friendly, brain-unfriendly math book you can’t afford not to have if you seriously want to be a seasoned problem solver and problem poser. Trick and tricky questions all at one place, at any time, at your convenience. Q: Why do you need to be aware of mathematical quickies and trickies? A: They often appear in math contests and competitions to trick the novice problem solversâ€â€they act as a filter to sieve the nerd from the herd. Moreover, mathematical quickies and trickies often humble the mathematically proudâ€â€that no smart student can totally avoid conventional thinking in getting the incorrect [often intuitive] answer. Target audience (Grade 5 and above) Above-average students Home-schooled students Mathletes and Coaches Creative tutors Talented or gifted students Students bored by school Math Self-motivated tutees Christian or mission schools Coaches of mathletes iHomeEducator is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. Recommended Ages: 10+ Categories: Math


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