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Geometry !!!

Practice Geometry Worksheets On Your iPad.  ...... Geometry topics for Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8. ...... Geometry !!! by Math ...

Discontinued App


Practice Geometry Worksheets On Your iPad.  ...... Geometry topics for Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7 and Grade 8. ...... Geometry !!! by Math Pentagon has one of the largest collection of Geometry worksheets on iPad. It is a structured Math learning program that engages students with math exercises. Teachers can capture results in real-time, review and understand student progress, thereby saving time, paper and enhancing productivity. With Math Pentagon, - Students can scribble, practice and solve problems on iPad - Students can track progress, worksheet history and scores. - Teachers can assign worksheets to their student circle. - Teachers can view student's scratch-work, review completed assignments and give immediate feedback. - Teachers get in-depth student performance reports to help understand students' progress, and prepare for further classroom teaching. - Students can learn LIVE from their teachers using the built-in interactive LIVE Learning Center over a shared whiteboard. ...... Schools & teachers : This app is available for volume purchase under the Apple's Volume Purchase Program. ...... ... Immense Benefits For Teachers and Parents ... - Math Pentagon apps are an excellent tool for error analysis & feedback to understand the student is strong or weak in any topic of the subject. - Immediate remediation for student who need help. - Differentiated instruction model for teachers to work with groups of students or individual students. - An excellent way to boost students' math skills and increase their love of learning. - Take your students to the next level of learning with this interactive semi-virtual classroom. ... Highly recommended by teachers ... The course content includes following topics: 1. Geometry I - Measuring angles - Estimate angles - Parallelogram - Polygons - Perimeter - Area of rectangles - Area v/s perimeter - Volume of a box 2. Geometry II - Quadrilaterals - Equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles - Area of right triangles - Area of parallelograms - Area of polygon - Area of triangles - Area and perimeter problems - Converting between area units - Volume of rectangular prisms - Surface area of a rectangular prism - Pyramids, prisms, cylinders and cones 3. Geometry III - Angle relationships - Classified triangles - Angles in a triangle - Quadrilaterals - Angles and polygons - Congruent and similar figures - Area of a circle - Area and perimeter problems - Converting between units of volume 4. Geometry IV - Angle relationships - Similar triangles, Area of triangle & parallelogram - Area of trapezoid & polygons - Circle & area problems - Area of similar figures - Surface Area - Volume of pyramids, cones, cylinders, prisms with loads of practice questions. Let's Make Math Pentagon More Amazing: Email your feedback to: learning@mathpentagon.com Website: www.mathpentagon.com


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