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Business: Success Get2Know the best way to learn! Learn, explore and test your way to a comprehensive understanding of Business Success with Get2Know. ...

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Business: Success Get2Know the best way to learn! Learn, explore and test your way to a comprehensive understanding of Business Success with Get2Know. This app contains clear and detailed content, a carefully designed structure and multiple ways to learn. Get2Know has been created for students revising for exams, interview candidates, prospective students, would be business owners, and in fact for anyone who simply wants to Get2Know Get2Know Business Success is the second in a set of four apps designed to introduce important business concepts and ideas. It is perfect for those starting, building or expanding a business, and aims to give them a real understanding of the world in which they will operate. Possibly the best investment you will make. The content has been carefully selected and adapted to give an essential foundation for students in all English speaking countries including those taking GCSE exams in The U.K and U.S High School Business Studies. Content: Business 2 Success - four full topics in this one app •Product development takes you through the stages in developing a new product and finding its place in a market. It includes market characteristics, segmentation, market types, and methods of market research. •Marketing mix presents marketing principles. The central importance of the product, product differentiation, the product life cycle and extending the life cycle, packaging, the price and pricing techniques, promoting a product and the market place. •Production looks broadly at production from recognising product qualities, the Boston Matrix and production process management to methods of production, the use of technology, team working, TQM and R&D. •Business location considers how business location can help maximise profits. By using an example it introduces, the factors of location, including materials, market and infrastructure, external economies of scale, labour supply, business sites and government policy. Using the Get2Know Business Success app: •Learn. 51 illustrated pages will introduce concepts and direct you with questions and important points to consider. •Explore. Here you will build your knowledge base and develop your understanding. Focus on essential concepts through the Keywords and Q&A features. Then explore and complete the tasks that really direct your learning. •Test. Three ways to challenge yourself on your newly acquired knowledge. - Take a break and try the memory game. How fast can you match the business concepts? -Try the true or false exercises to build confidence in your knowledge -The Final Test: If you can score highly you really did Get2Know! Buy with confidence: ORCA Education was established in 2003 producing presentation software and content for the UK education system. Part of the government accredited curriculum online programme the company products are now used in over 2000 schools and colleges across the UK and abroad. They employ the best educational practices to develop understanding and an easily accessible knowledge base. Also available Business 1 - Business Foundations Business 3 - Business Finance Business 4 - Business Management


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Version: 1.0

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Day of release: 2012-03-11

Recommended age: 4+

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