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This “Case Study Catalogue” application showcases Getronics’ excellent customer references across our end-to-end ICT services, categorised by Portfolio ...

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This “Case Study Catalogue” application showcases Getronics’ excellent customer references across our end-to-end ICT services, categorised by Portfolio area. The app is designed to easily and interactively demonstrate Getronics’ extensive capabilities and customer relationships with leading global and local brands. It also provides a real example of Getronics’ ability in the area of mobile applications, utilising the enhanced skills brought by Connectis - part of the Getronics family. As the full version case studies are presented in a PDF format, please ensure you have a PDF reader installed on your device. More information about Getronics’ Applications offering can be found at: About Getronics The Getronics family is an ICT Services group consisting of the Getronics and Connectis brands and is owned by the AURELIUS Group, a holding company headquartered in Munich, Germany. With an extensive history that extends over 125 years, the Getronics family has approximately 5,000 employees in 13 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific & Latin America, and has a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for the large enterprise and public sector markets. This includes Workspace, Applications, Unified Communication, Data Centre, Cloud, Consulting, Partner Technology, Managed Services and Security. Getronics is the lead in the Getronics Workspace Alliance, a unique model that provides customers with a consistent IT service throughout the world, with one single point of contact and billing entity, delivering services to 90 countries. The GWA is ranked number 3 globally according to OVUM’s Managed/Maintained End-user Devices with a total of 7.4M assets. About Connectis Connectis is a member of the Getronics Group and has a global portfolio around ICT consulting, design and management services, applications and channels for collaborative and complex systems. In Spain and Argentina, our more than 1,000 professionals work to design and implement processes, applications and new growth avenues within the Internet, operation in IT environments, data protection and secure services, advanced mobile solutions, automation of processes and, finally, outsourcing and management of software development in different environments. One of the focal points of Connectis’ activities is the provision of management solutions for public health services, as well as automation solutions for industrial processes, electronic banking and solutions for the tourism sector. Connectis:"More than computing, People"


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