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Learn the secrets to crafting a resume that won`t get treated like junk mailâ€â€here`s how to make sure it gets read more than once. You ...

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Learn the secrets to crafting a resume that won’t get treated like junk mailâ€â€here’s how to make sure it gets read more than once. You only have 15 to 25 seconds! In today’s brutal job market, companies are overwhelmed with resumes. A job opening will often attract hundreds of highly qualified applicants. Typically, reviewers spend only 15 to 25 seconds on each resume before they move on to the next. You have to get the reader’s attention to stand any chance of an interview. A good resume won’t guarantee employment, but a bad resume will guarantee you won’t get the job. A resume is a personal marketing tool, designed to get you a job interview. Here are a few tips you will discover when you sign up for your Winning Resume Guide: - Leave lots of open space on your resume. - Use a clear, easy-to-read font. - Use a format that is easy to skim with quick access to information. - Lead the reviewer along an interesting path so they will keep reading. - Don’t even think of posting your application with metered postage (it’ll look like it’s swiped from your current employer). Stand out from the rest in today's tough job market. Have your resume read by the employers of your choiceâ€â€get the interview you need for the job you want! This guide is designed by a professional job placement consultant with a proven hire rate of over 90%. It’s easy to read and is specifically crafted to elicit a reviewer’s response. You’ll learn how to ensure your resume stands way above the boring cookie cutter applications that reviewers are tired of reading. If you follow the guide, you’ll maximize your chances of an industry-specific interview. GUARANTEED! Benefit from the insight and advice that has gleaned a 90% success rate. All the information is 100% original and taken from over 2000 successful resumes for job seekers all across the U.S. In this guide you’ll learn: - What employers in your industry look for in job applications - Tips and tricks for writing the perfect cover letter - How to customize your resume and target your industry - The top mistakes made in job applications - Industry-specific cover letter examples that really work - Ready-to-use, top quality, industry-specific resume templates - The best job search engines for your particular industryâ€â€understanding the pros and cons Our Money Back Guarantee: You’ll get a full refund of your purchase amount if you don’t receive a call for an interview within two months of submitting your job application. At the current price, this app is not a lot to pay as an investment in your future. You’ll receive expert guidance and insight on how to secure a job in your area of expertise. WARNING: This Guide may not be for everybody. It’s not a push-button, sit back and wait gimmick. You’ll have to read and apply what you learn, and like everything elseâ€â€what you put into something is directly proportional to what you get out. Invest in yourself and in your future now. Be preparedâ€â€even if you currently have a job, you never know when you might need this crucial information.


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