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2010 Billboard Music App Award Winner * Gibson Guitars is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instruments. Gibson ...

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2010 Billboard Music App Award Winner * Gibson Guitars is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instruments. Gibson has partnered with Legacy Learning Systems, the producer of the Learn & Master Guitar course, to create the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App. This app gives you the essential tools for becoming a better guitar player, as well as free full-length lessons from the award-winning Learn & Master Guitar. Now we’re excited to introduce StudioShare to the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App. StudioShare allows the novice or professional musician to record, mix, and share your music with friends, fans, and fellow musicians anywhere in the world. Anyone with an iOS device can remix and contribute to your songs from anywhereâ€â€with your permission, of course! StudioShare puts you in control of who can find, download, contribute to, and mix songs you've created. With global music collaboration the sky's the limit. Record music using built-in microphones, external microphones, or with popular add-ons, such as the iRig and AmpKit. Other features of StudioShare include a search system to find other users and music to listen and contribute to, and a messaging system to make introductions, swap ideas, and contact each other through email. All music files are stored on StudioShare's secure online servers, accessible at any time. Create, upload, or delete files from the StudioShare app or from a web browser. Use all of the StudioShare features for 90 days free with 45 minutes of recording storage or upgrade your account for higher quality files that work with popular software such as GarageBand, ProTools and Audacity and more recording storage. Free accounts store music files in a lower-quality format and have access to all other features. Paid accounts let you buy additional recording storage in increments of a month or a year. Also, paid accounts have a higher quality recording format. FEATURES: - StudioShare is music collaboration for the individual musician, band members, novice or professional. - A professional quality chromatic tuner, allowing you to tune any instrument using an iOS device with a built-in microphone - Alternate tuning settings to quickly and easily tune your guitar to Open G, Low C, Drop D, Eb, and others - A standard mode tuner for tuning each string to a sample tone - A metronome with multiple time signatures, visual and audio options, and a set-your-own tempo tap pad - Free videos lessons with full-length lessons from the award-winning Learn & Master Guitar course. Watch as instructor Steve Krenz gets you started on your way to mastering the guitar. There are also printable resources to accompany these lessons on www.learnandmaster.com. - Quick access to the Gibson.com mobile site to keep up with the latest in music industry news, artists, and events ** iPod Touch users will need an external mic or mic'd earphones plugged into the audio jack in order to use the chromatic and simple tuners (with sound off). To use the tuner without a microphone, click on the modes button on the chromatic tuner screen, change to the simple mode with sound on, click DONE, and you will be taken to the simple tuner screen. Touch the string you want to tune, and then a tone will play and repeat. Tune your instrument to the tone played. * StudioShare is easy enough for the noviceâ€â€powerful enough for the pro. Terms of Use: http://www.begade.com/legal/termsofuse.txt


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