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Use GIFTABULATOR to show you how much you’re worth now and in the future. How much tax do you have to pay based on your capital gains? What amount of ...

Discontinued App


Use GIFTABULATOR to show you how much you’re worth now and in the future. How much tax do you have to pay based on your capital gains? What amount of tax credits can you get for giving a donation? This app will point you in the right direction as to how you can work with your financial advisor to put a wealth management plan in place. This plan will maximize assets, minimize tax and find the optimal donation you can give now or later. GIFTABULATOR easily educates, informs and empowers advisors and their clients on estate planning and charitable giving. By giving to charity, individuals may avoid paying a significant portion of the capital gains tax on their capital gains through their donations, thus protecting the estate and creating a legacy for future generations. GIFTABULATOR FUNCTIONALITY: •Estate and philanthropic planning made easy •Illustrate estate planning scenarios •Project financial planning scenarios •Increase knowledge about the charitable sectors for professionals •Educate individuals about major and planned giving •Support charities now and in the future •Solution for Financial Literacy, Estate Financial, and Estate and Philanthropic Planning •Learn how to grow your assets while continuing to maximize tax credits through charitable giving GIFTABULATOR FEATURES: •Pre-set Investment Profiles •Find the "right number" to make a significant, tax-efficient gift now, whether it is a percentage of assets or income, using securities or cash, or spreading out the donation over a number of years. •Illustrate Bequest Giving Scenarios •Imagine zero tax, how much would you have to bequest? Show strategies on how to reduce taxes on the terminal tax return. •Project Impact of Gift into the Future •Demonstrate how a Big Funding Gift™ or a Bequest will impact a client's potential net assets into the future. Show them giving scenarios that would not have a significant impact on their lifestyle or estate plans. •Continual updates and revisions that will ensure you will always have the latest in features and capabilities. •GIFTABULATOR® performs calculations on a chosen investment profile. Calculations include but are not limited to: Optimal Gift, Maximum Income Tax Credit, Inclusion Rate, Taxable Capital Gain, Tax Owing, Multi-Year Projections, Multi-Year Pledges, Gift as a Percentage of Net Assets, Gift as a Percentage of Tax Reduction, Gift in Securities vs Cash, Bequest amount, Net Assets after Bequest and Tax, Tax Reduction Table and Chart, Net Capital Gains after Gift, Net Income after Gift, Asset Projections and Gift Distribution. Coming soon: Charitable Remainder Trust calculations (Present Value of Trust, Instant Tax Credit for Donation, Tax Payable on Capital Gain, Net Tax Credit), Insurance Gift calculations. This is the Canadian Edition of GIFTABULATOR which incorporates Canadian tax rules. Disclaimer: The information contained herein should not be used in any actual transaction without the advice and guidance of a professional financial advisor.


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