Gini - Ideas & Innovation Whether you work in business, design, the creative industry or IT, the race is on to be smarter, faster and more agile than ...

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Gini - Ideas & Innovation Whether you work in business, design, the creative industry or IT, the race is on to be smarter, faster and more agile than the competition. Gini is an iPad app designed to clarify and manage the process of innovation and creativity. It’s about improving the quality of ideas. With a unique interface that visually maps the strengths and weaknesses of an idea or concept, Gini provides a methodology that provokes deeper thinking and creative engagement. It’s designed to streamline how we generate and explore challenging enterprises and initiatives; be that a new business venture, a creative campaign, a new product design, or simply to polish a spark of inspiration. It’s a place to arrange your thoughts, try variations on ideas, experiment. Whereas most productivity apps are built to organise tasks and jobs, Gini’s mission is to spark smart thinking. By nature it needed an interface that suited a visuospatial thought process rather than a ‘list view’. We don’t think ideas should be fixed.They have a dynamic. They evolve over time, spur breakthroughs. They change. And this is where Gini delivers an advantage. Key Gini Highlights: • Library of Templates: To kickstart the creative process Gini provides a library of business and product templates, covering a range of different sectors. These templates can be edited to suit the specific challenges of your project. • Objectives Screen: A screen to lay down the challenges and problems that your innovation or concept will need to overcome. • The Ideas Screen: A place to experiment with ideas - to test, evaluate and perfect your thinking. The collective strength of ‘good solutions’ contributes to a combined score. • Images, sketches and pictures can be added to notes. • Export options: The finished concept can be shared with others, either as text, or exported as a PDF or a Gini file (sent files can be found in the ‘Inbox’ of My Projects.) • Global View: An interface that offers a competitive view of all the projects you are working on. It’s an opportunity to compare projects that are based on a similar brief. • Case Studies: For inspiration and leaning, Case Studies extracts the key ingredients of previously successful business models. Uses of Gini: • For entrepreneurs - a space to evaluate, select, and perfect the right ideas. • For small businesses - whether it’s a new restaurant or a boutique hotel, think through the values of your project before the investment starts. • Product design - focus on the challenges your design will need to overcome, find the right solutions. • For creatives - from advertising and marketing to new media and Communications - sharpen conceptual thinking, push for creative breakthroughs. • Information technology - from websites to mobile apps, ensure your idea has the right qualities to succeed. • For business - a structure that improves the effectiveness of decision-making - should we buy into X?, is Flying Dog the right concept for a $1 million investment. Gini Production: Gini has been produced and designed by Gee Thomson and Flok Design Berlin. Production is by Sebastian Plehn, Hamburg.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 15.43 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by Ideagini Limited

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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