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MyLiveGuard app is an extension of the LiveGuard system, providing access from your iPhone to all of the extensive alarm, video monitoring and remote ...

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MyLiveGuard app is an extension of the LiveGuard system, providing access from your iPhone to all of the extensive alarm, video monitoring and remote control capabilities of LiveGuard. Use of MyLiveGuard app is restricted to principle or alternative keyholders of a LiveGuard installation. Using your credentials, you will be able to receive alarms, monitor CCTV cameras or remotely control electrical devices and door locks. Optionally, you can link your mobile device(s) with your LiveGuard remote sensor unit (RSU) to make sure non-authorised devices cannot hack into your cameras even if they know your credentials. LiveGuard is an advanced CCTV surveillance system that offers, in association with IP cameras, intruder alarm, CCTV recording and dial-in monitoring functionality via a control box on site – the LiveGuard remote sensor unit (RSU) – and an innovative central server cluster. The alarm is received as a standard voice telephony call. On receipt of the alarm call and opening the app, you are taken straight to the image stream from the alarmed camera at the point of intrusion. The system also records alarm images and CCTV images locally and remotely, in high definition, on the central servers. The app provides full access to LiveGuard functionality, including: - Direct receipt of the image stream from an alarmed camera at the point of intrusion. - Toggling between the alarm and live streams from the camera. - Single-button forwarding of the alarm images to a pre-arranged CCTV monitoring station or security agency. - Remote arming and disarming of the alarm system. - Monitoring LiveGuard installations at multiple sites from within the app. - Dial-in monitoring of the cameras at any time on opening the app. - Remote site and camera selection. - Control of the pan/tilt/zoom functions of appropriate cameras. - Home Automation feature that includes controlling electrical devices such as lights, dimmers and door locks. - Multi level security and access control. Demo Account Details: Please use the following credentials to access our demo RSU and receive live images from the cameras. - Username: 9090 - PIN: 1234 On the main screen, 'Link with RSU' will give the user information on how to optionally link his device with his RSU. This step is optional to prevent unauthorised devices from accessing the user's RSU in case they get hold of his credentials. Also, on the main screen, 'Sign In' button will take the user to the second screen to receive live images. On the live stream screen, the following buttons are available: - 'Change Camera' allows the user to change between cameras that are available. - 'Save Image' allows the user to save a live image on his iPhone. - 'View Intrusion' allows the user to switch from live mode to intrusion footage mode and receive recorded images of the last alarm detected by the RSU. The same button will become 'Go Live' to allow the user to go back to live images. This button will be greyed out if there is no intrusion detected. - 'Control Station' allows the user to send the intrusion recorded footage to the control station. This button is greyed out if there is no intrusion detected. - 'Arm' allows the user to arm the RSU so that it starts detecting and recording intrusions if they take place. The same button will become 'Disarm' to allow the user to disarm the RSU. Arming the RSU does not imply that buttons 'View Intrusion' and 'Control Station' be accessible. An intrusion must take place to have the buttons 'View Intrusion' and 'Control Station' accessible. - 'Exit' allows the user to sign out of his RSU and go back to the main screen. - Arrows, + and - buttons, on the image, allow the user to pan (right and left), tilt (up and down) and zoom (in and out) a camera that supports PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) functionalities if it is in live mode (not recorded footage of an intrusion).


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 4 MB


Price: 5,99 €

Developed by Glamex Security Ltd

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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