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Glaucoma Common Sense Dictionary

"A Must-Have Reference for the Glaucoma Patients and Their Families"  Provided by the Glaucoma Center, HanGil Eye Hospital, Incheon, Korea *Please ...

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"A Must-Have Reference for the Glaucoma Patients and Their Families"  Provided by the Glaucoma Center, HanGil Eye Hospital, Incheon, Korea *Please note that this app is written in Korean language. √ Excellence Handheld Glaucoma Guidebook √ Comprehensive understanding of glaucoma √ The better you know about glaucoma, the better you care of your disease! Everyone knows someone with glaucoma - the leading cause of preventable blindness. It is estimated that 67 million people worldwide have glaucoma, including more than 3 million people in the United States. In more than 9 out of 10 cases, blindness from glaucoma could have been prevented by early detection and proper treatment. The Glaucoma Common Sense Dictionary was designed as an easy-to-read handheld guidebook for the patients and their families to widen the knowledge of glaucoma for better care of their disease. The current version consists of 22 articles including: - Glaucoma symptoms  - Classifications: open-angle vs closed-angle glaucoma, high-tension vs normal-tension glaucoma, infantile vs juvenile vs adult glaucoma, primary vs secondary glaucoma - Pathogenesis  - Risk factors - Heredity - Diagnostic testings and its specified descriptions: visual field analyzer, optic nerve photography, computerized devices (OCT, HRT), and more.    - Treatment options: medication, laser, and surgery - Perioperative management of glaucoma surgery - Recommended lifestyle for glaucoma patients You can also share the reliable glaucoma information with your beloved people using our built-in e-mail system! * The Glaucoma Common Sense Dictionary is written in Korean. ** This app is compatible with all iPhones or iPod Touch OS 3.0, just make sure you have the most up-to-date Operating System Version.   Disclaimer: This app is used only for educational purposes. Medical condition may vary among individuals. Your decision in downloading the Glaucoma Common Sense Dictionary means that you acknowledge and agree that the contents of this app does not does not substitute the professional physician's consultation and management. The information contained in this app comes from various sources and may change on occasion.


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