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Beginning in 1985, all global concepts such as those listed in keywords and now promoted on the Internet were first researched and developed by Germain ...

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Beginning in 1985, all global concepts such as those listed in keywords and now promoted on the Internet were first researched and developed by Germain and Virginie Dufour. Welcome to your Global Community, our unique world and the only legitimate framework for Earth governance and management. Global Community is a non-hierarchical nonviolent organization of individuals and organizations that promote the arts, conduct workshops, facilitate nonviolent direct actions, educate, organize, campaign, empower, and aim to rip injustice from its roots. We are delighted to receive new articles, papers, reports, art work, comments, animations, games, and Apps for future Newsletters. We encourage formats including facilitated groups, photographic, poster and dramatic displays dealing with pertinent themes concerned with the promoting of Global Community values and principles and in in the challenges of community and home development. We need to educate the coming generations with good principles, being compassionate, social harmony and global sustainability being some of them. They are global commons for survival and a basis for humanity's new vision of the world. Please submit your proposals. Global dialogues are the source of new ideas and finding new ways for our survival and taking along with us other lifeforms on the planet. We promote democracy, fight hunger, terrorism, disease, and human rights abuses. Global Dialogue 2013 theme is concerned about the formation global ministries. Why a Ministry? Humanity sees the need to manage world affairs in several aspects of our lives. Today, earquakes, cyclones and other natural disasters, as well as human made global destruction and disasters, require a rapid and efficient response from the world to help those in needs. All of this can be effectively accomplished when the organizational structure of the government of each nation-state includes a Ministry of Global Peace and a Ministry of Essential Services. We can all co-operate together better this way when all people are prepared and able to do so. Because of the limited quantities of Earth resources to be made available for this generation and the next ones, and because of environmental, climate change, and world population concerns, there is a need to manage the entire process of managing resources. And we all know that the amount of oil left in the ground in the world has already passed its peak quantity. So why waste the oil on doing things we know are nothing but a waste of energy and often use for destruction and certainly will shortened the life span of the next generations. A Global Resources Ministry is needed to look after the management of Earth resources at all stages: exploration, production, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.


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