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**** Hurry up! Get this application in Low rate for few days only *** Post your reviews and ratings to serve your better in future. ******************************* Global Warming is a dramatically urgent and serious problem. We don't need to wait for governments to find a solution for this problem: each individual can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle: starting from little, everyday things. It's the only reasonable way to save our planet, before it is too late. The future is not somewhere we are going. It is something we are creating. Every day we do things that make some futures more probable and others less likely. Global warming already disrupts millions of lives daily in the forms of destructive weather patterns and loss of habitat. What is already happening is only the tip of the melting iceberg, for it is our children and grandchildren who may suffer most from the effects of global warming. There are many simple things you can do in your daily life â€â€ what you eat, what you drive, how you build your home â€â€ that can have an effect on your immediate surrounding which are causes for global warming. Here we are come with the huge list of Stop Global Warming Tips. Through this tips you can make some changes in your routine life or you can change some of your habits that are cause for global warming. ************************************************************ Foremost feature of this application is you can tweet any tip on your twitter account directly from this Tips. ************************************************************ The application is actively being developed with ease of user interface. You can browse each tip easily with having page-sliding effect; you just have to tap on right hand side bottom corner of the application to slide next tip page. In this application you can easily manage your Favorite Tips for reading many times without any delay of time, using this favorite feature you can directly reach to your favorite tips. And yes off course you can directly send any tips to your friends or family using send mail feature. Isn’t it great? We would appreciate you referring this tip app to a friend. ************************************************************ FEATURES: ************************************************************ 1) Large Collection of Stop Global Warming Tips. 2) Nice application design with easy navigation. 3) Twitter integration. 4) Mark any tip as favorite. Navigate your favorite Tip easily. 5) Email any Tip to your friends and Family. 6) No Internet connection required.


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