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GLOBOCO inspires its existence by fulfilling its mission to provide the business world with a quick, convenient and competitive alternative to traditional ...

Discontinued App


GLOBOCO inspires its existence by fulfilling its mission to provide the business world with a quick, convenient and competitive alternative to traditional company registration procedures, entrepreneurial and international tax consulting. Through our app we hope to service the world community in three very distinct ways: •Educate the new entrepreneur on how to enter the business world and capitalize on a new idea. •Support the seasoned entrepreneur by providing a thorough tax structure analysis on different worldwide jurisdictions. •Provide a live company incorporation platform offering an instant registration of a new company in any part of the world within minutes. Our vision is to become the world’s #1 preferred partner in global company registration market, known for the prompt response, convenience and competitive pricing which will reflect our drive and passion to excel in customer service and support. Apple’s APP store opened the horizons for local startups to become global conglomerates. Globoco is the first application for Company formation worldwide. Through Globoco’s platform our clients can register a new Company, name it, list its first shareholders/directors and registered office in less than three minutes. This is close to every entrepreneurs and businessman’s dream. These type of people need quality and efficiency in dealing with administrative issues eg registering a new/offshore Company since they want to launch their projects as quick as possible. Globoco APP includes a step-by-step consultation of “becoming an entrepreneur”. The entrepreneur’s modules aim at university graduates that may have an idea but are not confident in developing it because they are unaware of the administrative and financial issues that are involved in the build-up. Entrepreneurship modules that are included in the Globoco APP are the following: •Become an Entrepreneur •Develop your idea •Startup first steps (1&2) •Raising capital •Startup crisis management •Exit Strategy Vs Failure (1&2) •Success stories A brief review of the tax base of the most famous offshore company jurisdictions is also provided within the GLOBOCO APP through the Tax modules, to be updated monthly and upon any significant tax laws are introduced. In this respect the GLOBOCO APP represents a live update for the tax base for over 23 jurisdictions and professionals may use GLOBOCO APP for important tax information on the spot. Information as to the corporation, VAT and other tax rates as well as the positive schemes of each of the above offshore tax jurisdiction is provided in a detailed summary through the tax modules.The three-fold Globoco APP usage provide business professionals and new entrepreneurs to: •receive live information and updates on tax structures on the most popular tax jurisdictions •get insides on how to set up a startup and transform their business ideas into an operating company •register an offshore company or a new startup in less than 3 minutes The Globoco APP is offered to its clients free of charge even though the material and data included are price sensitive in the business world. We consider ourselves as agents offering quality services to our clients and through Globoco APP we offer the opportunity to our clients to contact us at any given time and use our platform to order a new company at a jurisdiction of their preference, as well as offering live tax updates and entrepreneurship insides to all users.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 11.94 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Opium Works Ltd

Day of release: 2013-05-30

Recommended age: 4+

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