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Flick and Goal! The new family game app has been created as a spin-off from the "Toycar", which got the No.1 rating in AppStore Education category(Japan) ...

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Flick and Goal! The new family game app has been created as a spin-off from the "Toycar", which got the No.1 rating in AppStore Education category(Japan) ! The name of this app is FlicQ. Drive the car towards a goal as fast as you can by just flicking! Easy and simple to play, but surprisingly exciting and suitable for all people ! [Cauton] This app is a free app re-constructed from Toycar's in-app-purchase game "FlicQ" , with renewing car design. This app can play independently from Toycar. - Feature This app's name comes from "Flick", and it is the simple action board game, to goal the cars with only flicking. It is not so-called "TV Game", but represents the real toy car play with some arrangements. It's very simple so that it won't take so long time to play. And, the cute character-cars will stimulate the children's intellectual curiosity. "I actually don't want to give TV games to my child", "There are so many complicated games", "Is there a game for all people?",,"More simple, more cute, isn’t there such game?" ...This app is for YOU ! - For age over 5 FlicQ is not so-called "TV Game", but the car moves rather fast , so when you play with small children, please take care not to play too much in one time. Once game is over, app will urge to take a rest so that you won’t forget. - For 1 - 2 players FlicQ is for 1 - 2 players. Basically for 2 players, and for 1 player with "v.s. computer" mode. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the number of players on selection dialog. - How to play : Rule The rule of FlicQ is very simple! On the straight course, 2 players flick the car by turns, and the player who reaches the goal faster will win the game. After repeating the start from goal and one of the player wins 5 times, the game will be over. - Kinds Of Hazards The hazards would appear randomly, at each time on the play. 1) Scattered ices will slide the tire, and shift the course of the car ! 2) Pinball bumper will bump the cars to the reversed direction! 3) Rainbow catapult will accelerate the car and push toward the goal so try to take it! 4) Tree branch will stop the cars. Run away with flick ! 5) Elephant's poop. It will be dropped from the Elephant Cement Mixer! - Kinds Of Cars 2 cars are bundled as free. 1) Bear Passenger Car 2) Rabbit Small Car We have "More Fun Set" for additional cars. If you purchase the set, you can play with these 8 cars: 1) Lion Wagon 2) Kangaroo Sports Car 3) Cheetah Police Car 4) Rhino Ambulance 5) Crocodile Fire Engine 6) Hippo Bulldozer 7) Giraffe Dump Truck 8) Elephant Cement Mixer Although you haven’t purchased the set, the computer will sometime use these cars in the "v.s. computer" mode. Each of the cars has a feature.  The ambulance will run outside the course.  Police Car will run fastest.  Bulldozer and Cement Mixer will run over the hazards  Elephant will drop the poop. Let's aim the goal using each of the features!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 20.64 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by NEXTBOOK, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-07-23

Recommended age: 4+

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