Discontinued App


Set and visualize powerful goals to achieve your most important projects. ------------------------------------- SUMMER SPECIAL DISCOUNT ------------------------------------- THE ...

Discontinued App


Set and visualize powerful goals to achieve your most important projects. ------------------------------------- SUMMER SPECIAL DISCOUNT ------------------------------------- THE FOUR STEPS FROM GOAL TO ACTION: 1. Get relaxed first 2. 12 Goal-Setting Questions 3. Visualization of your Success 4. Your first three Actions What you will get: - Become clear about your goals and positive about your capabilities for success - Stay focus - Manage your stress quickly - Align your goals and actions - Increase confidence WHY YOU WILL LIKE IT: 1. It works!!! 2. A rich sensory experience 3. A relaxing atmosphere with high quality music 4. A natural working flow 5. The feeling of being engaged in a real relationship with a coach. 6. Beautiful quality design 7. Relaxation, Movie of the Mind and Goal Setting portions can be utilized independently. FEATURES: . A four-minute relaxation session . 12 goal setting questions (audio and text input) . Visualization exercise: Movie of the Mind (audio) . Goal validation (text input and message recording) . Action plan process (audio and screen input) . Email your goal to yourself or anyone you would like to share with . Current goals management . Goal history management . Relaxing, high-quality music In addition, you can join Equilibre's private community for Goal2Action users. You can share your goals, and give and get feedback. TESTIMONIAL: As a motivational speaker myself this app is amazing I will use it again and again Thanks! Download it now! Price: Regarding the price of the app, after different feedback and some market studies, we decided to fix it at $2.99 definitively. We apologize for those of you who paid a higher price.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 38.96 MB


Price: 2,65 €

Developed by Equilibre Inc.

Day of release: 2009-04-28

Recommended age: 4+

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