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“You find the secret in the detail”. A fire always starts with a spark. The same goes for quality and safety issues. It is the sum of the small details ...

Discontinued App


“You find the secret in the detail”. A fire always starts with a spark. The same goes for quality and safety issues. It is the sum of the small details that creates the big problems. Using GoingAware.com you can invite your colleagues in the field to take pictures. You receive them in your private login and thereby keep the full overview. You can communicate directly with your colleagues in the field. Create a small message on the web and push it directly to your colleagues. Thereby you can send warnings, updates or just “have a nice weekend”. GoingAware is an Internal Tool for Communication within Organizations and Companies. The mission is: "Helping people make their organization aware of what´s going on". To be aware of a brought range of issues - SAFETY, QUALITY, IDEAS - and Respond back with your iPhone - online, on the fly! As a Manager you use the web portal to invite your Employees or Colleagues to download app and start responding to you. Direct without any filter. It could be personal safety on construction sites, quality issues in your production or just good ideas to improve your products. Actually it is up to you to decide what the most important issue to be aware of is right now. When you have decided, add the relevant names and phone number, write a small message and then you are ready to receive pictures and text messages from the people you invited. The people you invite receive a SMS where you ask them to download the app and add you as a receiver. From that point it’s like sending a MMS; take a picture, write a small describing message and choose a receiver. On the web site you get an overview of all pictures and text messages. Further you are able to find the location on a map so you know where the pictures are taken. So the moment you get aware it’s up to you to take action. Using the push message functionality you can communicate directly with all your invited contacts. For instance you can send out weekly reports with topical information. A weekly report could sound like this: “Dear colleague. This week I received a warning from your construction site where I became aware of a serious issue with one of our scaffoldings. I contacted the responsible company and the issue was solved and luckily no one got injured. Thank you very much for your safety and quality awareness. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards John Whites” GoingAware is under constant development so please let us know if you have any good ideas to improve the web or app. If you need to integrate the data with your existing software please let us know as we can provide a fully integrated solution. Or maybe a corporate app with your skin and logo?


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 1.08 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Goingaware.com ApS

Day of release: 2011-08-25

Recommended age: 4+

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