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For practice and play, professional golf instruction right in your back pocket! Looking for an instant golf instructor? Stuck on a shot and in need ...

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For practice and play, professional golf instruction right in your back pocket! Looking for an instant golf instructor? Stuck on a shot and in need of some serious professional back up? All your answers are only a click away! Introducing the all-new Golf Pocket Pro App to help you improve your game and lower your scores. Take your golf game to the next level with comprehensive video instruction from PGA of America Master Professional and Peak Performance Golf School Founder Greg Coffin. Offering 260+ video references to give you the confidence to maximize every shot opportunity no matter your level of play. Features: Swing Fundamentals – General, Basic & Advanced Swing Principles – Balance, Tempo, Swing Center, Release + More Movement – Set-up, Transition, Backswing & Forward Swing Swing Overview – First Move, Halfway Back, Top of Backswing, Transition, Impact, Finish Position + More Shot-Making – Driving, Bunkers, Specialty Shots, Uneven Lies & Strategies Short Game – Bump & Runs, Greenside Bunkers, Lob Wedge, Bellied Wedge, Long Pitch, Soft Pitch + More Putting – Basics, Set-up, Strategy & Fundamentals Chipping & Pitching – Basics, Motion, Positioning, Set-up, Strategy, Downhill, Uphill + More Basic Rules – Lateral Water Hazard, Water Hazard, Lost Ball, Out of Bounds (OB), Teeing Ground & Unplayable Lie The Golf Pocket Pro App delivers valuable insight and time-proven techniques. Whether you decide to work through each lesson on the practice range or simply need a quick reference while out on the course, the Golf Pocket Pro App will deliver results by tackling every facet of the game. With the added option of making on-screen notes and tracking your favourite lessons, the app is built to personally cater to your progress. Greg makes the game of golf easy to understand through commentary and visual analysis. Work through the lessons and earn the recognition of the pros with achievements rewarded for each targeted category. Tweak your swing, become a smarter golfer and lower your scores! Please note that this app contains extensive video content. With 260+ videos, we recommend that you download with the use of wifi or iTunes App Store connection. No need for additional downloads, this app is self-contained and won’t require extra bandwidth while on the course.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 370.63 MB


Price: $ 4.91

Developed by Jump Branding & Design Inc.

Day of release: 2012-06-22

Recommended age: 4+

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