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***** "The app offers a great real-life toothbrushing companion for kids and parents to keep track of their brushing progress." - HealthyKids It's important ...

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***** "The app offers a great real-life toothbrushing companion for kids and parents to keep track of their brushing progress." - HealthyKids It's important to use SMART APPS especially with young kids 1+ yo. By using "Good Habits" our Mood Up team wants to limit the consequences of "the sugar flood" that affects teeth these days. How to Teach Your Kids GOOD HABITS? The main idea: turn it into a game. Toothbrushing is one of the first habits we can teach our children. The sooner you start, the easier and more effective it will become. And then there's dentophobia that often adults influence children with. The best way to keep a small patient calm is to explain how the dental check-up looks like. In the "Good Habits" app you will FIND: --- brushing timer with fun voiceover guidelines of proper toothbrush usage --- 2 calendars for progression & motivation --- puzzles as rewards --- teeth stories that prepare for dental check-up Here're some basic TIPS for developing good habits in children: .1. Use the carrot, not the stick. .2. Be their focus. .3. Provide multiple means of motivation. .4. Try to be consistent for at least a month. .5. Remember that kids aren’t perfect. .6. Join them - be part of the game, the learning process & fun .7. Celebrate often! Snappy the Croc meets Panda the Dentist: --- We are going to see the dentist soon. Dentist takes care of your teeth. Everyone needs a dental check-up. Do you know how to prepare for the visit? --- First use your toothbrush. You should do it everyday - in the morning and before going to bed. Make sure you have fresh breath. Can you find a monkey here? --- Now it's time for some excercise! Open your mouth wide at the mirror. You parent may count your teeth as the dentist does. How many teeth does Snappy the Croc have? --- It's time to meet the dentist. In the waiting room it may smell bit funny, but it's worth waiting. Soon you will find out why. Look, what animals do you see here? --- Inside the dentist will show you how the magic chair goes up & down. Just ask him to do it. Then he will count your teeth as you did at the mirror before. That's real spiffy! --- What does Panda have in his hands? it's just a small mirror on the stick. While on the magic chair keep your mouth still open. It's all about your white smile. --- Wow, you did it! You are a very brave patient! I wonder what kind of badge your dentist will give you. Do you want to meet a real dentist? Even if there is nothing wrong with your child’s teeth, it is beneficial to alleviate the fear of attending the dentist by early and regular visits with young children just to get them used to sitting in the dentist’s chair and the surgery in general. If you find the app useful, please give us your feedback at For more info check website.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 24.47 MB


Price: 2,88 €

Developed by Mood Up Sp. z o.o.

Day of release: 2013-10-17

Recommended age: 4+

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