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Learn Math fast using Learnhive Smart learning cards app. Gain confidence with practice exercises! Grade 10 Math Learning Cards app is a collection ...

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Learn Math fast using Learnhive Smart learning cards app. Gain confidence with practice exercises! Grade 10 Math Learning Cards app is a collection of power packed learning cards and practice exercises. Each learning card is color coded by topic and describes a key concept. Helps you to revise important properties and formulae. No need to carry huge Mathematics books! The app comes with quick navigation to allow seamless navigation of each learning card and location of cards by topics and sub-topics. Practice exercises are provided for topics related to every card. The app consists of practice exercise for each topic that will thoroughly test your understanding. Think you have mastered all the concepts? Try the overall practice exercise that randomly picks practice questions across multiple topics. Each exercise is designed to check and reinforce concepts described in the learning card. The exercises have been designed by experts with decades of teaching experience. Want more practice exercises? Enter the exercise number displayed on the top left corner of the card in the companion Learnhive Personal Concept Tutor free app (*) to attempt additional practice exercises. Chapter List 1. Number Theory 1.1 Irrational Numbers 1.2 Real Numbers 1.3 Euclid's Division Lemma 1.4 Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic 1.5 Matrices 1.6 Arithmetic Progressions 1.7 Logarithms 2 Co-ordinate Geometry 2.1 Distance Formula 2.2 Section Formula 3. Algebra 3.1 Polynomials 3.2 Graph of Cubic and Quadratic Polynomials 3.3 Zeros and Coefficients of Polynomials 3.4 Division Algorithm of Polynomials 3.5 Solving Simultaneous Equations 3.6 Quadratic Equations 4. Geometry 4.1 Similarity of Triangles 4.2 Circle and its Properties 4.3 Properties of Tangent to a Circle 4.4 Symmetry 4.5 Polyhedrons 4.6 Cubes, Cuboids and Right Circular Cylinder 4.7 Prism, Pyramid, Right Circular Cone, Frustum of a Cone 4.8 Sphere, Hemisphere and Spherical Shell 4.9 Surface Area and Volume of Combination of Solids 5. Trigonometry 5.1 Trigonometric Ratios 5.2 Trigonometric Identities 6. Commercial Mathematics 6.1 Compound Interest 6.2 Taxes 6.3 Shares and Dividends 7. Statistics and Data Handling 7.1 Computation of Mean by Step Derivation 7.2 Median and Mode of Continuous Frequency Distribution 7.3 Quartiles 7.4 Frequency Polygon 7.5 Cumulative Frequency Polygon -- Ogive 8. Set Theory and Probability 8.1 Probability 8.2 Geometric Probability 8.3 Venn Diagrams 8.4 Functions and Relations * About Learnhive Personal Concept Tutor app: The Personal Concept Tutor companion app can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/personal-concept-tutor/id595568595?ls=1&mt=8


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