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Christmas Special Now On: If you are experiencing any bugs, we apologize and are working to fix them promptly. Graffiti New York : Photo Book Award ...

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Christmas Special Now On: If you are experiencing any bugs, we apologize and are working to fix them promptly. Graffiti New York : Photo Book Award Winning Photographer Remo Camerota/Whitewall Studios present Graffiti New York, the next in a series of photographic books developed for this exciting new medium, the Iphone/Ipad. This edition contains a selection of photographs taken of graffiti through out the streets of New York during the Obama campaign and election to the present day. walk through the streets of NY virtually using your apple device. Many facets of the ever changing NY street scene and urban Landscape have been captured for your viewing delight, as seen through my eyes and lens, a fellow Graffiti Artist and Award Winning Photographer. This Photo Book contains beautiful pieces by well known artists such as Obey, MBW, Faile, WK Interact, and overseas artists such as Banksy, C215, Fafi and many more, including some obscure artists. But the book is not just about graffiti. Much artistry and expertise has gone into the photographic process, making this equally a fascinating Photographic Art Book as much as it is a Graffiti Book. It is a great collection of work for someone traveling to New York and being able to use their apple device to spot art pieces on location, or Students studying fine art and photography, or teachers wishing to educate their students on the subtleties of urban popular culture, or for friends and family wishing to witness something new and unusual. Following the tradition from my popular selling hard copy book, Graffiti Japan, and my New York Book Festival award winner Drainspotting, I am now creating a series of Graffiti books for the Ipad/Iphone and finally being able to publish a suite of photography books never before seen. The thing about Graffiti is that it's there one day and buffed the next. So if it doesn't get photographed, then nobody sees it. THIS APP IS REVIEWED AND LOVED BY: WIRED MAG THE GUARDIAN UK CREATIVE REVIEW APP.ITIZE.US BOING BOING COOL HUNTING LUXIST FRANK 151 TOKYO/JAPAN TIMES GIGAZINE JUXTAPOZ MAG NY TO TOKYO BLACK BOOK NOS TREND BIT BRAIN PICKER URBAN - RESOURCES ETSICOMMUNICATION & MANY MORE contact If you like this please check out my other Ipad titles including Drainspotting Extras, Graffiti Japan Extras and Scar. For more information on my real world books go to For more info on me go to


Technical specifications

Version: 2

Size: 20.53 MB


Price: 0,94 €

Developed by Whitewall Studios

Day of release: 2010-06-29

Recommended age: 4+

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