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The grammar dragon has captured all of your friends from the castle. You must rescue a different person on each level by correctly identifying various ...

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The grammar dragon has captured all of your friends from the castle. You must rescue a different person on each level by correctly identifying various parts of speech. Grammar Dragon is a learning game where the player uses parts of speech to develop cognitive reading and verbal skills. The touch mechanic of the game engages children in a hands-on learning process, implementing kinesthetic learning. The game also incorporates words and sentence structure to the particular grade level, based upon excerpts from grade-appropriate reading materials. Also play other NRCC games: Same Sound Spellbound (homophones) Opposite Ocean (antonyms) Grammar Dragon (parts of speech) Portion Platter (fractions and decimals) Factor Race (binomial and trinomial equations) Spelling Cat (spelling) Same Meaning Magic (synonyms) Aesop's Quest (reading comprehension) Website: for more information on our games Contact: FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS: The recommended graded level are as follows: Very Easy: 2nd grade Easy: 3rd Moderate: 4th grade Intermediate: 5th grade Difficult: 6th grade All components of the game are developed in-house. The Virginia Standards of Learning targeted are for: READING 2.6 b) Use knowledge of sentence structure 3.4 a) Apply meaning clues, language structure, and phonetic strategies d) Use context to clarify meaning of unfamiliar words 4.4 a) Use context to clarify meanings of unfamiliar words d) Develop vocabulary by listening to and reading a variety of texts WRITING 2.13 a) Recognize and use complete sentences c) Capitalize all proper nouns and the word 'I' d) Use singular and plural nouns and pronouns e) Use contractions and singular possessives j) Use verbs and adjectives correctly in sentences 3.10 a) Use complete sentences b) Use transition words to vary sentence structure c) Use the word 'I' in compound subjects d) Use past and present verb tense e) Use singular possessives i) Use the articles a, an, and the correctly 4.8 a) Use subject-verb agreement b) Include prepositional phrases d) Use noun-pronoun agreement f) Incorporate adjectives and adverbs h) Use singular possessives COMMUNICATION 4.1 e) Use grammatically correct language and specify vocabulary to communicate ideas. 4.3 b) Identify the characteristics of various media messages CREDITS This game is made possible with an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 8.95 MB


Price: 0,86 €

Developed by NRCC Games

Day of release: 2010-10-24

Recommended age: 4+

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