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“Grand Prix Maths was an awesome game and had me engaged …what a fantastic Math Game “ Jeff, Teacher “It helps me learn math. It`s really ...

Discontinued App


“Grand Prix Maths was an awesome game and had me engaged …what a fantastic Math Game “ Jeff, Teacher “It helps me learn math. It’s really good. I don’t usually like math. But this game makes it fun. I think I can do it now and I’m having fun.. I like the cars” Eli, Age 10 Your car is thirsty for success and needs to speed to find the correct answer. You can unlock new engines and decals for your vehicle and can track your scores and learning. Grand Prix Maths encourages the student to practice and learn basic numeracy skills. Play through over 18 levels of content. Experience different themed tracks and upgradable vehicles. Choose from over 80 different car, engine, wheel upgrades to make your car perform better in the game. Also compare your progress to the top five racers in the game and track your performance against theirs. Beautiful graphics that look amazing on ios7. Exciting and engaging music designed to enhance play. Grand Prix Math is a universal app that can be used on all your devices. It has a wide variety of interactive content with clear strategies to improve Math skills. If you want to improve your Numeracy skills, download Grand Prix Math now. “Our Teachers, students and parents love this game. All of our students are playing it, learning their number facts and having a great time in the process. I heartily recommend Grand Prix Maths” Terry, Primary School Principal. Great multi-player function that allows you to race your friends to maths success From the creators of Behave + comes a new educational game promoting numeracy skills using the common curriculum elements from the Maths curriculum. “The app is educational and has a vast amount of content straight from the curriculum.” Mary, Parent “One of the best Maths apps in the app store covering a huge range of content aligned with the curriculum” Tina, Parent Maths concepts reinforced are * add on 1 * add on 2 * add on 3 * add on 4 * mixed addition * extensions of addition * 2 digit + 2 digit * 2 digit + 3 digit Grand Prix maths is another awesome app from App Guru who are becoming leaders in the Educational field, promoting life long learning and engaging opportunities for students, teachers and parents to become co contributor to their learning community. Recommended Ages: 4-7, 8-10, parents, teachers Categories, games, math, multiplication, counting, early learning, numbers special needs Grand prix math users Parents for daily homework/practice routine Teachers in the classroom Home schoolers Students for fun/learning Other apps in the Grand Prix Maths family exploring other numeracy concepts. Division Subtraction Multiplication Number- Age 5-7 Number- Age 7-9 9+ App available for Ipad, Iphone


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