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Great Job!

Who uses this app? =============== Do kids love to hear the words "Great Job"? Of course they do. However the problem is not the words of praise but how ...

Discontinued App


Who uses this app? =============== Do kids love to hear the words "Great Job"? Of course they do. However the problem is not the words of praise but how to praise them. The traditional reward systems use marbles, stones, money, paper charts, etc. This takes time and some money to setup. What about tracking when you're not home or on vacation? Are you going to bring that paper chart that's on the wall or that jar of marbles with you? This is where the GreatJob! iPhone app comes to help you. The GreatJob! app is a very simple and easy to use reward chart app. It makes it easy for parents to reward kids by using coins. It was designed to make it easy and fast to reward your kid without jumping through hoops or navigating through multiple views of an app. Just create a profile for each kid and add any number of rewards specific to each kid. You're done! Then all you need to manage is adding or removing coins with a simple tap on your iPhone. Another benefit of this app is that allows the parent and kid to interact when collecting rewards. When a kid has enough coins to collect a reward, the parent can ask the kid if they'd like to collect the reward. This gives the kid the responsibility and power to decide on collecting a smaller reward immediately or saving for a larger reward in the future. Also the audible sound when collecting the reward gives the kid a sense of accomplishment and motivation for collecting more coins. ** It was designed by a single, hard, working mother of 3 ** Features ======= - Create multiple kid profiles. - Add multiple rewards per kid. - Come up with your own rewards. No default or preset rewards. - Attach photos from your iPhone Photo Library to a kid profile. - Automatically keep track of a kid's active and collected rewards. - Play sounds when collecting a reward. - Sort kids by name, highest number of coins, or lowest number of coins. - Easily prevent any changes by using the Lock feature. - Disable and enable sounds. - Edit kid and reward information. - Setup daily, weekly, or bi-weekly automatic deposits per kid. - Kids can have their own reward sounds.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1

Size: 2.34 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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