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Great Speeches of America

This is amazing app which contains Great Speeches of America . There are 101 speeches included. All Speeches have text and most speeches have audio. This ...

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This is amazing app which contains Great Speeches of America . There are 101 speeches included. All Speeches have text and most speeches have audio. This app is developed for educational and research purpose. It is a great peace of information for giving public speeches on different occasions. 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream 8/28/1963 2 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Inaugural Address 1/20/1961 3 Franklin Delano Roosevelt First Inaugural Address 3/4/1933 4 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation 12/8/1941 5 Barbara Charline Jordan 1976 DNC Keynote Address 7/12/1976 6 Richard Milhous Nixon Checkers 9/23/1952 7 Malcolm X The Ballot or the Bullet 4/3/1964 8 Ronald Wilson Reagan Shuttle ''Challenger'' Disaster Address 1/28/1986 9 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Houston Ministerial Association Speech 9/12/1960 10 Lyndon Baines Johnson We Shall Overcome 3/15/1965 11 Mario Matthew Cuomo 1984 DNC Keynote Address 7/16/1984 12 Jesse Louis Jackson 1984 DNC Address 7/18/1984 13 Barbara Charline Jordan Statement on the Articles of Impeachment 7/25/1974 14 (General) Douglas MacArthur Farewell Address to Congress 4/19/1951 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. I've Been to the Mountaintop 4/3/1968 16 Theodore Roosevelt The Man with the Muck-rake 4/14/1906 17 Robert Francis Kennedy Remarks on the Assassination of MLK 4/4/1968 18 Dwight David Eisenhower Farewell Address 1/17/1961 19 Thomas Woodrow Wilson War Message 4/2/1917 20 (General) Douglas MacArthur Duty, Honor, Country 5/12/1962 21 Richard Milhous Nixon The Great Silent Majority 11/3/1969 22 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Ich bin ein Berliner 6/26/1963 23 Clarence Seward Darrow Mercy for Leopold and Loeb 9/1/1924 24 Russell H. Conwell Acres of Diamonds 1900-1925 25 Ronald Wilson Reagan A Time for Choosing 10/27/1964 26 Huey Pierce Long Every Man a King 2/23/1934 27 Anna Howard Shaw The Fundamental Principle of a Republic 6/21/1915 28 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Arsenal of Democracy 12/29/1940 29 Ronald Wilson Reagan The Evil Empire 3/8/1983 30 Ronald Wilson Reagan First Inaugural Address 1/20/1981 31 Franklin Delano Roosevelt First Fireside Chat 3/12/1933 32 Harry S. Truman The Truman Doctrine 3/12/1947 33 William Cuthbert Faulkner Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech 12/10/1950 34 Eugene Victor Debs 1918 Statement to the Court 9/18/1918 35 Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Women's Rights are Human Rights 9/5/1995 36 Dwight David Eisenhower Atoms for Peace 12/8/1953 37 John Fitzgerald Kennedy American University Commencement Address 6/10/1963 38 Dorothy Ann Willis Richards 1988 DNC Keynote Address 7/19/1988 39 Richard Milhous Nixon Resignation Speech 8/8/1974 40 Thomas Woodrow Wilson The Fourteen Points 1/8/1918 41 Margaret Chase Smith Declaration of Conscience 6/1/1950 42 Franklin Delano Roosevelt The Four Freedoms 1/6/1941 43 Martin Luther King, Jr. A Time to Break Silence 4/4/1967 44 Mary Church Terrell What it Means to be Colored in the...U.S. 10/10/1906 45 William Jennings Bryan Against Imperialism 8/8/1900 46 Margaret Higgins Sanger The Morality of Birth Control 11/18/1921 47 Barbara Pierce Bush 1990 Wellesley College Commencement Address 6/1/1990 48 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Civil Rights Address 6/11/1963 49 John Fitzgerald Kennedy Cuban Missile Crisis Address 10/22/1962 50 Spiro Theodore Agnew Television News Coverage 11/13/1969 51 Jesse Louis Jackson 1988 DNC Address 7/19/1988 and another 50 great speeches ……!!!


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