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Modern Greek Verb Conjugator - Lite version. *** LITE version has only 52 Greek verbs *** Enjoy more than 3000 conjugated Greek verbs in their active ...

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Modern Greek Verb Conjugator - Lite version. *** LITE version has only 52 Greek verbs *** Enjoy more than 3000 conjugated Greek verbs in their active and passive voice. The database is local to your device so no internet access is required. You can search for a verb in both Greek and English or use the index where all the verbs are listed alphabetically. App features - Verb information, conjugation, definition and properties - Alphabetical Index - Search in Greek or English - History - Favorites - Adopt a Greek Verb Verbs are conjugated in the active and passive voice as well as simple and compound tenses. Not all verbs are conjugated in all tenses or both voices. Some verbs cannot be conjugated in passive voice but there is a Perfect Participle tense for it. We show this at the end of the verb’s active voice as Παθητική Παρακείμενος Μετοχή (Passive Perfect Participle). Verb Tenses - Ενεστώτας Οριστική (Present) - Ενεστώτας Υποτακτική (Present Subjunctive) - Ενεστώτας Προστακτική (Continuous Imperative) - Ενεστώτας Μετοχή (Present Participle) - Παρατατικός Οριστική (Past Continuous) - Αόριστος Οριστική (Past Simple) - Αόριστος Υποτακτική (Past Subjunctive) - Αόριστος Προστακτική (Simple Imperative) - Αόριστος Απαρέμφατο (Simple Infinitive) - Παρακείμενος Οριστική (Present Perfect) - Παρακείμενος Υποτακτική (Perfect Subjunctive) - Παρακείμενος Μετοχή (Perfect Participle) - Εξακολουθητικός Μέλλovτας Οριστική (Future Continuous) - Στιγμιαίος Μέλλοντας Οριστική (Future Simple) - Υπερσυντέλικος Οριστική (Past Perfect) - Συντελεσμένος Μέλλοντας Οριστική (Future Perfect) - Υποθετική Οριστική (Conditional) Not all verbs can be conjugated in all tenses. *** Adopt a Greek Verb *** Is there a verb you don’t see on our list? Do you see a change or even a mistake? Let us know and we will make sure everyone else knows that your genius helped us compile this list by having your name appear under the credits. You can finally show off your linguistic expertise. If you like what you see and we have the feeling you will, spread the word. Tell your family and friends. Your support will help us continue the maintenance of this application and bring more features to you. Your suggestions, compliments or concerns are welcome. We would love to hear from you.


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Day of release: 2013-08-9

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