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Green Gradebook is a fast and efficient gradebook solution designed to be actively used in the classroom. Your grades, notes, attendance records and assignments ...

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Green Gradebook is a fast and efficient gradebook solution designed to be actively used in the classroom. Your grades, notes, attendance records and assignments become instantly accessible and always available. Green Gradebook was conceived and created by teachers who needed a tool to help manage grades for huge class loads. It was developed and tested by teachers active in their classrooms to make sure the interface was simple, fast and intuitive. When we thought of something we wanted to have while in the classroom, we added it. We use Green Gradebook. So we need it to work well! It is organized exactly like you might organize your file cabinet! You teach courses and in each course you have classes. In each class, you have students, groups, assignments, notes and attendance. Simple right? Each student has grades for their assignments, notes on the student and an attendance record. You can even use custom lists filled with course standards, contact information or anything else you feel you need to have at your fingertips! Assignments let you have a detailed description, photo and even a custom symbolic grading system that can be different for each assignment! Assignments are also shared within a course, so after you create one you can assign it to another class in that course! Finally, you can attach notes to individual grades to remind yourself why you gave the student that particular grade. *Only in Full Version* We feel you can't risk losing any of your valuable information so we came up with a few ways to back up your data. First, you can create a full backup of all your information and access it via iTunes and save it to your computer. Second, if you have an internet connection, you can upload back up files to your Dropbox! Finally, you can export your grades and attendance records to CSV files and send the files in an email, to an application or to your Dropbox! If there is any other information you need to store that we didn't think of, you can add it! There is a powerful pull-down list system, accessible from most screens, that lets you create lists of information and organize them by course, class or student! We didn't want to encumber you with loads of information you may not need, but we wanted you to have the flexibility to add it as you need it! Feature List: - Simple Navigation Hierarchies - Weighted Grade System with Optional Custom Symbolic Grades - Modifiable Grade System - Lets you alter grades (curve or give bonus) without destroying the original grades! - Bulk Grades - Grade the entire class or modify to curve everyone at once! - Course-wide Assignment Sharing - Advanced Comment System - Lets you take notes on nearly everything and replace those sticky notes around your desk - Animated Help System with an example course included to get you started - Student Class/Group- Shake to select a random student! - Sharable Backups *Only in Full Version* - Dropbox Support *Only in Full Version* - CSV Exporting *Only in Full Version* - Importable Student Lists *Only in Full Version* - Importable Courses *Only in Full Version* - Live Sync - Synchronized grading for co-teachers! *Only in Full Version* - AV Out - (With the appropriate AV Cable) You can connect to your TV or projector. Show your students they are no longer anonymous in your large classes! *Only in Full Version* If Green Gradebook does what you need it to do, be sure to get the Full Version quickly so you don't end up manually transferring data! For a more comprehensive feature list, visit our webpage at http://www.greengradebook.com! Follow us on Twitter @greengradebook


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