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Ground School for Aviation

While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the ...

Discontinued App

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While we work on our update for iOS 7. PLEASE download our new product eKneeBoard. create a free user account and get the chart subscription for the state of your choice for free, for life time. (no US pick a state you may train in) Then pick the course there. It is brand new and in our new "Interactive Syllabus" format. You will just love it. *** existing user can do this and send support an email and they will active your account and course on eKneeBoard ** Checkout eKneeBoard, in the App Store, for the BEST iEFB with Integrated Interactive Training Courses and a National VFR/IFR GeoReferenced Yearly Data Plan for UNDER 25 bucks.  With ANYWHEREEDUCATION - ALL-IN-ONE AVIATION GROUND SCHOOL you have simple in-app access to all aviation training from start finish! This free application has sample valuable content from each available course as well as quick access to the current FAA publications, ASI Safety information and more. Instant in-app download is available for the following full AnywhereEducation courses: * Private Pilot * Instrument Pilot * Multi-Engine * CFI * Commercial Pilot * CFI * Sport Pilot * Garmin G1000 * Garmin GNS430/530 AnywhereEducation Aviation Group, utilizing the AnywhereEducation platform is revolutionizing aviation education with interactive multimedia courses that give students instant feedback and keep their instructors involved in their progress. Several major US university aeronautics/aviation programs already use our courseware, along with many of the largest US career pilot training schools and dozens of small to mid-sized schools are onboard too! Ask your flight school today to join our approved schools program and see how the course can be tailored to the needs of the school! This AnywhereEducation Aviation Ground School app is where registered participating flight school, university and Learn2AV8.com students and instructors access training materials like videos, publications, syllabi, and much more. TRY before you buy: You'll find that this FREE version includes handy access to current FAA publications, ASI safety information, and Learn2AV8.com training publications, as well as sample training videos and information for all levels of pilot training. Over 2 hours of video training are included here for free - even the companion quizzes and reference materials are included for the sample lessons. The full content for each level of training is unlocked immediately with registration as a student at a participating flight school, or through simple in-app purchase. Once registered, your app is automatically customized to your enrolled courses and your training center location. Your instructor can easily monitor your progress and help your self-study efforts with instructor guided tutorials and briefings. Download this free AnywhereEducation Aviation Ground School app to take the first step toward becoming a leisure or career pilot today! All content is resident on your iPad/iPhone. You don't need an Internet connection to view the lessons, take the quizzes, or read the handbooks. This is one or many aviation education programs offered by AnywhereEducation and MS Aviation (MS Aviation is now "AnywhereEducation Aviation Group") * Over 130,000 users of our aviation series courses. * Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. * Many large flight schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. * Dozens of small to mid sized flight schools use our courseware. * Ask your flight school today to join our approved schools program. Our email support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week. Most support questions are resolved within 4 hours. email Support at: support@enldev.com


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