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This edition is designed for players aged 12 and up. This game is a fabulously entertaining way to spend a couple of hours! It's even more fun if you ...

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This edition is designed for players aged 12 and up. This game is a fabulously entertaining way to spend a couple of hours! It's even more fun if you enjoy sharing touch with others. Of course, if you don't feel like touching, that fits into the game just fine too. So gather your friends in a comfortable space and get to know them all much better! Any number may play. Recommended for 4 to 16 players. Requires only one digital device regardless of number of players. Objects of the Game: To create a safe container in which the players want to share about themselves in intimate and revealing ways. To practice active, non-judgmental listening. To create deep and powerful connections. To step over the collective taboo threshold into sharing our secret inner lives. To revel in our similarities and differences. To engage family, friends and lovers in new and exciting ways. To release judgement and embrace expansiveness. To share our aliveness and our passions. To practice knowing what we want, asking for it, and negotiating a win-win! There are two kinds of activity cards, GROUP cards and YOUR (individual) cards. Each suggests a topic to discuss or an action to perform. You participate only to the level you feel comfortable in each moment. The uniqueness of this game comes from the freedom to PLAY, PASS, or RETIRE each card. To PLAY means you follow the instructions on the card within the chosen time limit. To PASS means you hand the digital device to any other player and it becomes their turn. To RETIRE the card means skip the card and try another one. Important things to consider about playing FullYum: Sharing about your truths and vulnerabilities can be challenging (but is VERY rewarding, as you will discover!) Make sure you take the time for all players to introduce themselves and make sure everyone WANTS to play! You might want to hold hands and take a few breaths together before beginning. Sometimes playing a challenging activity card can trigger your concern or embarrassment. This game is designed to push your edges. If you'd enjoy it, ask for a moment of reflection, reassurance, or other player's reactions before you end your turn. When the game is over, form a circle, hold hands, breathe together and share appreciations with each other. Easiest Way to Play the Game: Instead of passing the device around the circle, choose one player to operate the device, read the activity cards aloud, and ask which player(s) have the most enthusiasm for playing each card. You might choose for two or more players to play the same card before moving on.


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