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Grover Bill and the Geckos

Grover Bill and the Geckos is an interactive illustrated children's audio book by Susan Syddall. Engaging illustrations and text have been designed ...

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Grover Bill and the Geckos is an interactive illustrated children's audio book by Susan Syddall. Engaging illustrations and text have been designed to motivate children to read for pleasure and information. STORY Something extraordinary is about to happen to a little old man named Grover Bill. He lives in a sad, grey house on top of the hill. However, his house is about to change dramatically when some uninvited guests creep in. Who are these uninvited visitors? What do they do to change Grover Bill’s house forever? What would you do if they came to your house? WHAT'S UNIQUE ABOUT THIS APP? Our stories are designed to help children develop a love of reading. We do this by using: •Rhyme: This helps children to read word families and develops reading confidence. •Rhythm: Helps children recognise patterns in words and sentences and makes reading a pleasure. •Repetition: Allows children multiple opportunities to recognise, revisit and master written words. •Humour: Engages children in the text. We aim for our books to: •Foster a love of language •Build and extend vocabulary •Capture children's interest •Inspire creativity •Kindle imagination. Each story contains GUIDE NOTES for parents/educators which suggest activities and experiences which will extend children's learning based on concepts introduced in the books. FEATURES - Original score and fun sound effects. - Interactive learning activities which encourages comprehension and language development. MORE ABOUT GROVER BILL AND THE GECKOS Grover Bill and the Geckos is part of a literacy series designed to help children learn to read. Fun activities and games based on Lyrebird Park are available from our website. VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FREE FUN EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND MORE... - printable games - Guide Notes which for curriculum activities (art, science, language, social/emotional/ moral development, physical, critical thinking, maths) And it’s all FREE! GROVER BILL AND THE GECKOS IS LOVED BY Boys and girls ages 3 - 8 PARENT NOTICE ABOUT THIS APP - Does not collect/share any user's personally identifiable information. - Does not contain Social Network Integration or other Social Features. - Does not contain ads. - Does not contain In App Purchases for additional content. CUSTOMER REVIEWS “Top notch in beautiful illustrations, storyline, expressive narration, rhyming text, the many interactive activities and child friendly navigation. Both my boys, 3&6, love these apps. They remain engaged and have great replay value. As a parent, I especially love the “Guide Notes”, they are so helpful and insightful. We now have 5 apps from the series and they have been a wonderful addition to our digital library. I would HIGHLY recommend this app!” Kate Stinnet Parent and App Reviewer .......................................................................... "Hi Susan, the books were super easy to download to my iPad! They are fantastic stories. The illustrations make the stories come to life. The best part for me, however, are the activities – and they are printable!!!! Thank you so much! The children in my Year 2 class will love these stories!" Michelle – Year 2 Class Teacher ............................................................................. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK We'd love to hear from you. Email susan@storiesandchildren.com


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Version: 1.0

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Developed by Susan Syddall

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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