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"Guess That Flag is the biggest and best flag quiz game ever and comes with four game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert." Games that are educational ...

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"Guess That Flag is the biggest and best flag quiz game ever and comes with four game modes: easy, medium, hard and expert." Games that are educational are that much more valuable to the family, and often preferred by parents. Most times, children will not even realize they are learning facts if the game is exciting and captures their attention. Guess That Flag is actually suitable for kids and adults with its multiple choice questions involving knowledge of the flags of various countries. Adults, if you are a sports fan, and have watched big events on TV such as the Olympics or FIFA soccer just to name a few, you can recall seeing brightly colored flags waving across the field to honor the athletes. How many of those flags have you been familiar with, however? Even though you studied world geography in school, the old memory starts to slip, and pretty soon you are lucky if you remember the flags of the 5 largest countries! That's where Guess That Flag is going to be beneficial to you! Kids can play or just take time to enjoy learning about the various flags as they scroll through. Let me say though the game can get pretty intense and difficult as you progress through the difficulty levels! So let's take a look at some of the entertaining and educational features of thisiPhone educational game on learning flags: - Browse mode if you want to learn and educate yourself or your children in geography. - Great graphics for each flag-each flag as its own screen which makes for great screen shots of that flag - Over 140 flags in the app - 4 different difficult settings to help get you ready for expert mode - All multiple choice questions - Hours of fun with friends and family - Free updates at least 3 times a year to improve the app - Learn all the Nations' flags for a multitude of tournaments Spend relaxing time with the family guessing which country each flag belongs to. Talk about that country and share what information you have. Enjoy quality family time as you talk about different cultures and countries and what makes each special. There currently is a competition being held compliments of Guess That Flag where you must download the app and win the game to score big on prizes. Details of this contest can be found on the


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