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"Exceptional Detectional" 4/5 stars - 148Apps Learn to play "Teardrops On My Guitar" by Taylor Swift, with tomChord 2.0 on youtube: What ...

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"Exceptional Detectional" 4/5 stars - 148Apps Learn to play "Teardrops On My Guitar" by Taylor Swift, with tomChord 2.0 on youtube: What the users are saying: "This is a great tool unusually tucked away in the store. Highly recommended." - Brian Rice (US) "By far, from what I have seen, this is the most user friendly chord app out there" - Aceautomation (Canada) "I fully recommend this app to any beginner players, professionals, producers, composers, recording engineers... The list goes on. " - Warren Hutton (Canada) tomChord is NOT just a chord library! It is a tool to help musicians learn to play along with songs as well as train their musical ear! The unique Detection feature will analyze music through the microphone and tell the user what chords are heard as well as what key. Using advanced harmonic algorithms tomChord can reach up to 95% accuracy in ideal conditions. tomChord's easy, intuitive interface gives you note, key, and chord information on one screen. New in 2.1: You can now load songs from your iPod library! - No waiting time! The detection is still done in real time so you can play the song seconds after loading it! - Detection from original audio data increases accuracy due to no background noise - Slow down the song to hear every note - Navigate to any point in the song for playback New in 2.0: A new algorithm allows tomChord to run in real time with a 4x faster refresh rate. A volume control allows filtering of background noise and increased accuracy! An improved user interface with new intuitive controls and results as well as HD iPhone 4 retina graphics. Various crashing problems fixed. Piano Major and Minor chords added


Technical specifications

Version: 2.2.1

Size: 4.25 MB


Price: 8,54 €

Developed by Thomas Hoddes

Day of release: 2010-06-14

Recommended age: 4+

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