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The Gunter ISD app was written for parents, students, and teachers of Gunter Independent School District. This app puts information at the tip of your ...

Discontinued App


The Gunter ISD app was written for parents, students, and teachers of Gunter Independent School District. This app puts information at the tip of your fingers! You must download this app to stay current with information from our district. The app includes the following information: Announcements – The announcement button will take you to a page full of information that parents, students and teachers will need to know. Important information such as school closings, emergencies, upcoming district events, and other information will be posted. Tiger Café – This button will take you to the monthly menu for our school cafeterias. When you click on the button, you will choose the campus and the meal (breakfast or lunch) that you want to view. You can always know what your child is having for lunch so you don’t serve the same thing for dinner. Event Calendar – This is our District Calendar. If there is an event happening at our district, this is where you will find the date and time. All campuses post to this calendar, so it is your one stop shop for events. General Information – Here you will find the operating hours of each campus and information on enrolling a student in our district. Gunter ISD strives to help our students achieve beyond high school through two amazing programs. You will find information about our Educational Foundation and the Kerfoot Scholarship program. GISD School Board – We are proud of our school board members. They do an outstanding job for our district. Find out who they are here. This Week in Sports – All of the athletic parents will find this page useful! Coach Fieszel updates it every Monday to let you know what is happening for the week in our athletic program. If you forget where the big game is on Friday night, touch the app and press the button for TWIS and you will know where to go in an instant. As an added bonus, another link from that page will give you directions to many of our competing schools locations. With this part of the app, you will not be lost! Volunteer – We know many parents are ready and willing to help us out. With this button, you can choose a variety of ways to get involved. The contact names to each organization will be your first step to volunteering. Dress Code – We have a very strict dress code at Gunter ISD, and sometimes it is hard to remember everything while you are shopping. If you are shopping, you can access this part of the app in an instant, and zoom into the area you need in order to check whether the clothing item fits in to our dress code. No more guessing and returning! Just click, check, and purchase with confidence. Contact US – Each building’s main phone line is listed on this page for your convenience, as well as the email contacts for each building. The staff pages that you will be directed to will have two links for each teacher. One will be to their web page and the other will direct you to their email address. Bullying – Gunter ISD has chosen to be a part of Rachel’s Challenge. We stand firm against bullying. The only way we can help prevent bullying is if we are aware of the issue. This page will quickly give you the email address of the counselor at each campus so you can report an issue. Location – For visitors to our community, we have added a button to show you where our 4 buildings are located. We hope you will find the app useful. We have packed it full of information to reach one of our district goals; to keep parents informed. In order to easily keep the information in this app up to date, the Gunter ISD app receives some information from web pages at our district. With that in mind, you will need to have Wi-Fi or web capabilities(3G or 4G)on your phone.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.76 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Gunter ISD

Day of release: 2011-10-19

Recommended age: 4+

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