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★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Fantastic multimedia picture books bring children a new reading experience! Author has been invited to join in "Bologna Children's ...

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★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Fantastic multimedia picture books bring children a new reading experience! Author has been invited to join in "Bologna Children's Book Fair-Illustrators Exhibition". ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ► STORY OVERVIEW: ------------------------------------- There are twelve animals symbolizing the twelve Chinese zodiacs used to designate years. There should have been a year for the cat, but why is it missing? The story goes that the Jade Emperor held a swimming contest to determine the guardian of a year. Cat and Mouse, who were good friends, agreed to set out early together on the day of the contest to get a head start. With the help of the Ox, who was a great swimmer, the Cat and the Mouse became enemies ever since… ► FEATURES: ------------------------------------- ★ Animation Appreciation:Presenting reading contents by animations. By using the exquisite images from traditional picture books and through animation effects and film camera work practices, we vividly "perform" well-known stories. ★ Picture Book Reading:Native English and Chinese bi-lingual narration creates audiovisual reading enjoyments. Very easy to switch from one language to another, it is the best material for you to learn a foreign language ★ Recording Mode:Parents and children could record their own voice to read the story and definitely increase the pleasure of reading. ★ Online Bookshelf:Enables you to read new books that have been or will be published at any time. ► ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR: ------------------------------------- ★Kate Dargaw:She was graduated from Taiwan Normal University, Department of English. Recently, she works in a publishing house as an editor and translator. Most of her works are mainly children books. ★Igor Oleynikov:He is a famous illustrator of Russia. His works are extraordinarily beautiful and magnificent which have been selected by the Italian Bologna children illustration exhibition, even be awarded as “the best picture book of the year” in Moscow international book exhibition. ► HONORS AND AWARDS: ------------------------------------- ★Taiwan News Agency recommended reading materials for Primary and Middle school students ► READERS AND EDITORS REVIEW: ------------------------------------- We all are familiar with the legend of the twelve Zodiacs. Have you ever read the Jade Emperor hold the animals by a fan and talk to them? Or an ox wears highly diopters’ glasses who still can not distinguish the directions? Even the Cat & Mouse wear helmets running here and there … We believe you have never seen all those interesting and imaginative scenes. Come on! Come to read it right now! ——Editor recommended book ► ABOUT GURUBEAR: ------------------------------------- Gurubear picture books are especially made for children from 3-12 years-old, picture books lovers, parents and teachers. The arty contents provide a brand new interactive, interesting and creative reading experience. To help children establish reading habit and the ability to explore the world! Reading is the Best Game Picture Book is the Best Toy www.gurubear.com.cn ► ABOUT APPLETREEBOOKS: ------------------------------------- AppleTreeBooks™ has been working with publishers all over the world to help publishing rich media e-books on AppStore. If you are a publisher, an illustrator or a writer, welcome to join our party! This will be the easiest and quickest way for you to success on AppStore. URL: www.appletreebook.com Email: support@appletreeapp.com


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