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Gyeongbuk Story Tour

* 본 애플리케이션과 여기에 포함된 모든 컨텐츠의 저작권 및 소유권은 경상북도에게 있습니다. * 이 애플리케이션은 '이야기 경북여행'의 영문판입니다. 국문판은 따로 다운로드 받으시기 바랍니다. * 'Gyeongbuk Story Tour' is an appbook for ...

Discontinued App


* 본 애플리케이션과 여기에 포함된 모든 컨텐츠의 저작권 및 소유권은 경상북도에게 있습니다. * 이 애플리케이션은 '이야기 경북여행'의 영문판입니다. 국문판은 따로 다운로드 받으시기 바랍니다. * 'Gyeongbuk Story Tour' is an appbook for gyeongsangbuk-do sotry telling tour. * This appbook has an animation based on the story of a region in gyeongsangbuk-do, and provides tour information of that place. * We have released three applications based on three stories at this time. 1. Andong Wolyeong Bridge - 'Thou, come to me stepping on the moonlight' - The first series of 'Gyeongbuk Story Tour' is the story of couple Lee Eung Tae in Andong. - In the tomb of Lee Eung Tae, which was found on one summer day of 1998 during the Residential development near the Wolyeong bridge, the letter from his wife and hemp shoes was found, perfectly preserved. These hemp shoes and letter are now preserved in the National Andong University Museum. - The Wolyeong bridge is famous for night view. And, since the beautiful and noble story of a couple became known to the world, many couples have pledged their love to each other under the Andong Dam, watching over the Wolyeong bridge. 2. Pohang Ilwol Lake and Homigot - 'Yeonohrang and Seohnyeo' - The second series of 'Gyeongbuk Story Tour' is the story of Yeonohrang and Seohnyeo. And the background of this story is Ilwolgi and Homigot. - Even now, every year in January at the shrine of Ilwol, a sacrifice-offering ceremony is carried out to pray for the development of citizens and a fortunate and happy age. - The 'hands of living together' built the Homigot(cape) is the iconic bronze sculpture that express the love for the world of Yeonohrang and Seohnyeo. They say that if lovers raise their hands to pray towards the ‘hands of living together’ at sunrise or sunset, their love will last a long time, so many people come here to pray. 3. Yeongcheon Bohyeon Mountain - 'San Yi and chickweed (star flower) girl' - The third series of 'Gyeongbuk Story Tour' is the story of 'San Yi and chickweed (star flower) girl'. And the background of this story is Bohyeon Mountain and Bohyeon observatory. - Yeongcheon Bohyeonsan observatory has the country's largest reflecting telescope and Solar Flare Telescope, and above all, many stars beautifully embroidering the night sky. - At Yeongcheon Bohyeonsan Observatory, you can fall in love with the twinkling stars. * User can select story mode between animation view and page view. * And this appbook provide tour information like below; : introduction of the background of the story including several photos : walking tour paths : link to related web site or mobile web pages * This app supports over iOS4.x, and provided in two different versions for iPhone(960X640) and iPad(XGA 1024X768). * Copyright 2011 by Gyeongsangbuk-to. All rights reserved. Sponsored by Gyeongsangbuk-go. Produced by HUONE and Daegu University. Developed & Published by HUONE Inc. * Support - E-mail: huone.story@hu1.com - Web support: www.facebook.com/HUONE - Twitter: @huone_inc - Homepage: www.hu1.com


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Day of release: 2011-12-22

Recommended age: 4+

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