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Make freshness visible: Click, scan, ready It`s about freshness. HACCP-Pyramid®-inspector for kitchens cuts costs substantially rather than ...

Discontinued App


Make freshness visible: Click, scan, ready It’s about freshness. HACCP-Pyramid®-inspector for kitchens cuts costs substantially rather than throwing food away. For the first time it is possible to give an alert or warning for storage life with this App. What are we going to eat today? Don’t walk to your fridge. Just look in your APP. Forgotten what’s in your freezer and its necessary to throw away outdated food? Not now anymore. The digital inspector tells you to use it in time. By using the HACCP-Pyramid-inspector you immediately recognize what food and how much should be used because of passing the used by date. That provides an opportunity for cutting costs. And also the alert system helps and warns you in time. All monitored food data are available in the cloud database with your PC, tablet or iPhone. New is that the 'App' makes it possible for the chief to take notice of track&trace data and thus be informed about the storage life, storage conditions and much more. In the light of developments in food safety and public health this means a big step forward. With an iPhone with track & trace software that has specifically been designed for that purpose. For professionals HACCP pyramid® inspector creates transparency for products, for instance in a cold room, and in addition makes them traceable by their unique code. HACCP-Pyramid-inspector forms a unity with HACCP-Pyramid-coding. HACCP-Pyramid-coding contains washable colored labels with traceable unique codes. Sold in a recyclable and hygienic dispenser with the unique Click & Go® system. Get your free labels HACCP-Pyramid makes freshness visible. As a result, the first full concept for food safety is a fact and HACCP-Pyramid does it in a socially responsible way. To get a free label set for organizing your freezer: Go to the web site. Put your name and address in the Email to the HACCP-Pyramid team and you will get your first freezer label set as soon as possible. The HACCP-Pyramid team


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