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HBCU Buddy is the only mobile app of its kind to educate and connect with the HBCU community. Whether you are a prospective or current HBCU student, this ...

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HBCU Buddy is the only mobile app of its kind to educate and connect with the HBCU community. Whether you are a prospective or current HBCU student, this app allows you to intuitively access information and campus events concerning each individual HBCU. Firstly if you are unfamiliar with what an HBCU is, download this app now and you will be educated on everything there is on HBCU's. With HBCU Buddy you can view information regarding each HBCU such as acceptance ranks, average SAT and ACT scores, majors offered, and much more. Prospective students will enjoy the detailed information provided on each college and can easily compare their top schools with the 'Favorites' feature. iPod Touch users will appreciate the fact that the ability to browse and view information on each Institution does not require any internet connectivity! Quite possibly one of the best features of this app is the 'Virtual Tour' section. With HBCU Buddy, users are able to explore the campus and history of each participating HBCU through images, videos, and more without leaving their room or spending a dime! At the moment you can only have a Virtual Tour with Spelman College. We will add more colleges as we collaborate with these institutions and include them in future updates. Current students will also find this app invaluable as it is the easiest way to communicate to students of each specific campus. Club leaders have the ability to post information of upcoming meetings and campus events through our unique online form available on this app's website. This gives clubs the power to conveniently notify thousands of users instantly...for FREE! In addition their are some extra goodies such as detailed information on P.O.I.'s near campus, local events, Facebook/Twitter connectivity, and more! The chat feature allows both prospective and current students to connect with each other and discuss related topics such as which classes to take, or merely expressing their school pride. HBCU Buddy was created and developed by current proud HBCU students! Our mission is to educate as many people as possible about these amazing Institutions. HBCU's has been a mecca for producing future leaders and notable citizens in our society and this is our way of giving back to HBCU's for providing us with an invaluable experience. Please download this app and spread the word. This is just the beginning of HBCU Buddy, we are currently working on an even better version with additional functionality and an even better user experience!! **Currently only Spelman has access to all of the 'Social' features of this app. We are working really hard with collaborating with every single HBCU to provide you all with as much information and functionality as possible** ****If you are an HBCU representative and would like to enable features like "Virtual Tour", "Club & Campus Events" and more within HBCU Buddy, please visit this app's website for more details****


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