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HDR Crash Course, by KelbyTraining.com

- Offline access to 720p HD video - AirPlay support for Audio and Video - Approximate Runtime 112 min Learn the right way to process HDR from the guy ...

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- Offline access to 720p HD video - AirPlay support for Audio and Video - Approximate Runtime 112 min Learn the right way to process HDR from the guy who literally wrote the book on it! HDR images are like licorice - you either really like them or you don't. However, HDR isn't only about overly-processed images. Join KelbyTraining.com/NAPP instructor, co-host of the DTown TV podcast, and bestselling author of "The HDR Book," RC Concepcion as he takes you through the finer points of HDR processing. Not only will RC show how to get the right HDR look for your photos (from subtle to extreme) but he also shows you how to process HDR using three of the industry's most popular programs: Photomatix, HDR Efex Pro, and the new HDR pro feature in Photoshop CS5. Plus, you'll also gain access to the same source files that RC uses so you can practice along with him! In the end, you'll come away with a better working knowledge of HDR that you'll be able to apply to your images right away. Approximate Runtime: 112 min Lesson 1 - Introduction Met RC and get an overview of what this app will cover. Lesson 2 - Setting up an HDR Shot - Nikon RC shows you how to set up the bracketing order on a Nikon DSLR and shares his suggestions for taking the best picture for HDR. Lesson 3 - Setting up an HDR Shot - Canon RC goes over the settings needed to get your Canon DSLR ready for bracketed shooting - essential to HDR. Lesson 4 - Tips and Tools Learn about some of the tools that will make capturing HDR a lot easier as well as some tips and techniques to get the cleanest bracketed images possible. Lesson 5 - Revisiting the Packard RC returns to the location where the source files for this app were captured to give you a better understanding of what to keep in mind when looking for your next HDR image. Lesson 6 - HDR with Lightroom and Photomatix RC shows you how to export from Lightroom and perform HDR processing in Photomatix. Lesson 7 - HDR with Photomatix (Stand-alone) Learn how to process an HDR file in the stand-alone version of Photomatix. Lesson 8 - HDR with HDR Efex Pro Learn how to process an HDR image in HDR Efex Pro. Lesson 9 - HDR with Photoshop Learn how to process an HDR image using the HDR Pro feature in Photoshop. Lesson 10 - HDR Editing - Cloning and Hue Saturation Cloning, healing, and hue changes when post processing for an HDR file Lesson 11 - HDR Editing - Sharpening RC shows you three techniques for sharpening images in a tonemapped file. Lesson 12 - HDR Editing - Curves Adjustment Bring contrast and attention to details using curve adjustments in Photoshop CS5 Lesson 13 - Natural HDR in Photomatix RC goes over the natural processing of HDR files in Photomatix with a picture of "El Capitan." Lesson 14 - Natural HDR in Photoshop RC does the post processing of his "El Capitan" image in Photoshop. Lesson 15 - Natural HDR - in HDR Efex Pro RC shows the "El Capitan" post processing in HDR Efex Pro. Lesson 16 - People and HDR A quick and simple technique for post-processing people in tonemapped files. Lesson 17 - Batch Automating Learn how to batch automate the processing of files by using presets in Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro. Lesson 18 - Merging and Finishing in Photoshop RC goes over the finishing techniques of his HDR pano in Photoshop CS5 Lesson 19 - Single Image HDR Learn how to create an HDR look with a single image. Lesson 20 - Conclusion Thanks for watching The HDR Crash Course. Learn more HDR tips from RC in his "HDR Book" available at KelbyTraining.com/books


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